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Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Academy of Fine Arts' MFA Exhibition
2021-05-08 2021-05-23

The Academy of Fine Arts' degree exhibition at Bildmuseet marks the end of five years of studies in Fine Arts.

Naeem Mohaiemen / Jole Dobe Na
2021-02-20 2021-09-05

Naeem Mohaiemen’s film Jole Dobe Na (Those Who Do Not Drown) is a dreamlike story of loss and care.

Ground Control
2020-09-27 2021-04-11

The exhibition Ground Control explores connections between plants, politics and history.

Faith Ringgold
2020-08-27 2021-01-10

Throughout her artistic life, Faith Ringgold has been inspired by the civil rights movement and feminism.

Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Marathon
2020-08-27 2020-11-29

Marathon has been named the Swedish picture book of the year 2019 and will be honoured with the national...

Larissa Sansour / Heirloom
2020-08-27 2021-04-11

Larissa Sansour takes us to a dystopic future where the Earth has undergone an ecological collapse.

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Tools For The Future
2020-05-01 2020-05-17

Tools for the Future was planned to mark the end of five years of studies in free art and a period...

Design Matters
2019-11-15 2020-04-05

Design Matters presents objects and technologies that may soon become part of our everyday lives.

Ann Edholm / Tounge on the Tip
2019-11-15 2020-04-12

Ann Edholm wants her paintings to be experienced as an encounter with a human being, direct and physical.

Grada Kilomba / A World of Illusions
2019-10-11 2020-03-08

In Grada Kilomba’s film trilogy Illusions we encounter the well-known fables of Narcissus and Echo.

Animalesque / Art Across Species and Beings
2019-06-14 2019-10-20

The exhibition brings together an outstanding selection of artworks - film and video, drawing.

Meanwhile / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts MFA exhibition
2019-05-03 2019-05-19

The Academy of Fine Arts Master exhibition is the final exhibition of a two-year long process of intensive...

Carl Johan De Geer / The Big Misconception
2019-04-12 2019-09-15

Innovative, provocative and brilliantly versatile, Carl Johan De Geer has worked as a visual artist...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Come Home Laila
2019-03-15 2019-09-08

In springtime every year, a jury selects the best Swedish picture book amongst last year's releases...

Entangle / Physics and the Artistic Imagination
2018-11-16 2019-04-07

Black holes, dark matter, gravity, space, time and motion – these are phenomena that fascinate scientists...

Ângela Ferreira / Pan African Unity Mural
2018-11-16 2019-05-19

Artist Ângela Ferreira (b. 1958 i Maputo/Mozambique and now based in Lisbon) focuses on traces...

William Kentridge / The Refusal of Time
2018-10-12 2019-03-17

The Refusal of Time is an evocative meditation on the nature of time. With allusions to Einstein's...

Room for Performance / Shift
2018-09-07 2018-09-09

Over an intense weekend at Bildmuseet and Norrlandsoperan, we fill our rooms with tought-provoking...

Jochen Lempert / Sudden Spring
2018-06-15 2018-10-21

Jochen Lempert (f. 1958, Germany) is a trained biologist and has been working as an artist since...

2018-06-15 2018-06-21

The works in Eco-Visionaries present alternative approaches to, and ideas about the relationship...

C.R.E.A.M. / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
2018-05-04 2018-05-20

This year’s exhibition by graduate students from the master’s programme at the Academy of Fine...

John Akomfrah / Purple
2018-04-13 2018-09-16

British artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah creates his most ambitious piece to date – an immersive...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2018-03-16 2018-09-09

Fågeln i mig flyger vart den vill [The Bird Within Flies Wherever It Wants] by Sara Lundberg is named...

Dada is Dada
2017-11-17 2018-05-20

Dada is Dada presents paintings, drawings, documents, photography, collages, objects, sound recordings...

Do Ho Suh / Passages
2017-11-17 2018-02-15

Artist Do Ho Suh investigates architecture as both physical and psychological rooms. In the large...

Amar Kanwar / The Sovereign Forest
2017-10-20 2018-03-11

In The Sovereign Forest, artist and film maker Amar Kanwar tells a story of exploitation and its...

Ana Mendieta / Covered in Time and History
2017-06-18 2017-10-22

Blood, fire, earth, water and her own body - Ana Mendieta's poetic and striking works from the 1970s...

Roger Metto / Cryosphere
2017-05-20 2017-10-29

In a certain sense, Roger Metto is a landscape painter. His imagery, however, has both representative...

Jumana Emil Abboud / The Horse, the Bird, the Tree and the Stone
2017-05-20 2017-09-17

Inspired by Palestinian folklore, Jumana Emil Abboud (b. 1971, Galilee) imparts new interpretations...

Fool's Gold / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
2017-05-06 2017-05-21

This year’s exhibition by graduate students from the master’s programme at the Umeå Academy...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2017-03-17 2017-10-08

The picture book Djur som ingen sett utom vi [Animals No One Has Seen Except Us] by illustrator...

Perpetual Uncertainty
2016-10-02 2017-04-16

An extensive exhibition of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene exploring the complexity...

Room for Performance
2016-09-13 2016-10-01

In collaboration with Vita Kuben, Bildmuseet invites to a rich programme of performance art. It offers...

Fouad Elkoury / The Greatest Day
2016-06-12 2016-09-05

In the video installation Le plus beau jour [The Greatest Day], photographer and film-maker Fouad...

Saara Ekström / Alchemy
2016-06-12 2016-09-05

Life and death, blooming and withering, attraction and repulsion challenge each other in Saara Ekström's...

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Digging for Fire
2016-05-07 2016-05-22

This year’s exhibition by the graduate students from the master programme at Umeå Academy of...

Charles and Ray Eames
2016-04-17 2016-09-05

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers of the 20th century. Together they...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2016-03-20 2016-08-28

The picture book "Småkrypsboll" [Bugball] by Tove Pierrou and Joanna Hellgren is recognised as...

Nisrine Boukhari / Wanderism is a State of Mind
2015-11-22 2015-03-27

Nisrine Boukhari’s art is inspired by psychogeography: theories about how geographical Environments...

Julio Le Parc / Lumière
2015-11-22 2016-04-17

Julio Le Parc experiments with the experience of art and its environment. Using simple, reflective...

The World was Flat
2015-11-22 2016-03-27

The world was flat, now it's round, and it will be a hologram. The exhibition The World was Flat shows...

John Akomfrah / Vertigo Sea
2015-10-25 2016-01-17

John Akomfrah's new three-screen film installation Vertigo Sea forms a meditation on man’s relationship...

Mien Meo Mieng / Contemporary Art from Vietnam
2015-06-14 2015-11-01

The group exhibition Mien Meo Mieng presents video, painting, sculpture and installations by 14...

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2015
2015-05-16 2015-05-31

The annual graduation exhibition of the students from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. After five years...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2015-03-15 2015-08-30

The award for the best Swedish picture book of the year recognises the picture book as an artistic...

The Spaces Between
2015-02-22 2015-05-31

The Spaces Between addresses the social and economic reality that has taken shape in Cuba in recent...

Uglycute / Hamnmagasinet
2014-11-22 2014-12-07

During autumn 2014, the artists and architects collective Uglycute worked together with a group...

Campanas / Woods
2014-11-02 2015-02-08

The Brazilian design duo Fernando and Humberto Campana are known for their colourful, wilful...

Anders Sunna / Area Infected
2014-11-02 2015-02-01

For his painting, Anders Sunna gathers subject matter from history and his personal experience...

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / A Draft of Shadows
2014-11-02 2015-04-26

Artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer works with robot-controlled light and sound, radio waves, motion...

Geir Tore Holm / Fughetta
2014-10-12 2015-02-01

During the dark season, Geir Tore Holm presents a work of light in the Bildmuseet entrance hall...

FFB / Searching for Smooth Space
2014-09-07 2014-11-02

The Norwegian architect collective Felleskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen works on location-specific...

Right is Wrong
2014-06-08 2014-10-12

The exhibition Right is Wrong / Four Decades of Chinese Art from the M+ Sigg Collection presents...

Carola Grahn / Vidderna ropa
2014-05-25 2014-09-07

This natural environment has taken over the terrace outside of Bildmuseet. There stands a dying pine...

Liselotte Wajstedt / The Lost One
2014-05-25 2014-09-07

In the installation The Lost One, Liselotte Wajstedt creates a tender narrative about her grandmother...

Contemporary Self-Portraits
2014-05-08 2014-06-08

Over a period of two years Bildmuseet has collaborated with Colleges of Art in Estonia, Finland, Ireland...

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Cultural Capital
2014-05-03 2014-05-18

Bildmuseet has a long tradition of hosting the exhibition of the graduating master class from Umeå Academy...

Per Enoksson / The Forest in Me
2014-03-30 2014-06-15

Per Enoksson artistry includes both figurative and non-figurative art, and he is also working to develop...

Shahzia Sikander / Parallax
2014-03-30 2014-05-18

Bildmuseet is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Shahzia Sikander’s work in Scandinavia...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2014-03-16 2014-05-14

Anna Höglund's Om detta talar man endast med kaniner (Topics of which you only speak with rabbits) ...

Marja Helander / Silence
2014-02-23 2014-04-27

Marja Helander's works often revolve around her own identity in the borderland between Finnish...

Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán
2014-01-31 2014-04-20

Can sorrow be inherited? This is the question that artist Katarina Pirak Sikku asks in her Project...

Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas?
2014-01-31 2014-05-11

Leonor Fini began her career in 1930s Paris, where she was part of the circle of the surrealists and...

Andreas Johansson / Place Position
2014-01-19 2014-02-16

Andreas Johansson's images of desolate, abandoned places, environments that we all feel that we recognize...

Thilo Frank /
2014-01-19 2014-03-16

Thilo Frank's poetic and playful installations givs the viewer an opportunity to explore their experiences...

Stéphane Couturier
2013-11-24 2014-01-05

Since the early 1990s, Stéphane Couturier has photographed buildings in large cities. He sees the...

Theatrical Fields
2013-09-29 2014-01-05

Theatrical Fields explores theatricality in performance, film and video. The exhibition presents video...

Owl Project
2013-08-15 2013-09-15

Inspired by woodwork, hobby electronics and open source technology Owl Project creates innovative...

Jacob Hashimoto / Superabundant Atmosphere
2013-06-02 2013-10-13

Jacob Hashimoto’s artwork embodies his fascination with the intersections of painting and sculpture...

Agnès Varda
2013-06-02 2013-08-18

Already with her first film, Agnès Varda (b. 1928) established herself as an important figure in French...

Felice Varini / Nine Arcs Dancing
2013-05-19 2014-01-05

Felice Varini uses architecture and the space he is in as a starting point when creating his site-specific...

Comics of the North
2013-05-18 2013-10-13

Comic books are an independent artistic expression that combines literature, art and visual storytelling….

Academy of Fine Arts / Farewell, my Lovely
2013-05-04 2013-05-19

Bildmuseet has a long tradition of arranging an annual exhibition for the graduating class from the...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Molly & Sus
2013-03-16 2013-05-05

Klara Persson’s Molly & Sus has been named the best Swedish picture book of 2012...

Reynier Leyva Novo / El polvo, la sangre, el sueño común
2013-02-24 2013-05-26

With a great interest in the history of his country, Reynier Leyva Novo explores, questions and stages...

Rawiya / She who tells a story
2013-02-24 2013-05-19

Rawiya is a group of female photographers from the Middle East that work on the subject of human...

Soviet Mythology in Latvian Art
2013-01-27 2013-04-21

Soviet Mythology in Latvian Art is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the period 1945-1985....

Daniel Canogar / Quadratura
2013-01-27 2013-04-21

The rapid technical development of the film medium is an inspiration for the Spanish artist Daniel Canogar...

Signs of Conflict
2012-12-16 2013-02-03

The exhibition Signs of Conflict displays political posters that were produced by the various factions...

Threads / A Mobile Sewing Circle
2012-12-15 2013-01-06

Threads / A Mobile Sewing Circle is an exhibition and workshop created by its participants. The exhibition...

Eve Morgenstern / Facades of Crises
2012-11-18 2013-01-20

Over the past two years photographer and filmmaker Eve Morgenstern has been working for the...

2012-11-18 2013-02-10

Communitas provides examples of artists’ and architects’ visionary ideas about possible future cities...

Francesco Jodice / Spectaculum Spectatoris
2012-11-16 2012-12-09

Spectaculum Spectatorisis the archive of Italian artist Fracesco Jodices of today’s museum visitors...

Henning Larsen Architects
2012-10-28 2012-11-25

Danish Henning Larsen Architects has offices in several cities and projects in over twenty locations..

Dayanita Singh / The adventures of a photographer
2012-10-14 2013-01-13

Dayanita Singh is one of India’s most influential photographers. Her magical visual essays are now...

Nanna Johansson / Comics
2012-10-14 2012-12-02

In her satirical images and texts Nanna Johansson pokes fun at stereotypical gender roles and ideals...

Disobedience Archive / The Parliament
2012-06-20 2012-09-09

Disobedience Archive (The Parliament) is a user’s guide to the geography of civil disobedience, from...

Björn Berg / Not a Day Without a Line Drawn
2012-06-20 2012-09-02

Björn Berg (1923-2008) is the artist behind some of Sweden's best known and most beloved book...

Kirunatopia / In the Shadows of the Future
2012-06-20 2020-10-28

A group exhibition of artworks emerging from the diverse and transforming location of Kiruna, the...

Mario Merz / What Is to Be Done
2012-06-20 2012-09-30

Mario Merz was associated with Arte Povera, a group of Italian artists in the 1960s who turned away...

Umeå Institute of Design / What if ...
2012-05-19 2012-06-06

Umeå Institute of Design's exhibition What if ... is about collaboration, innovation, user-centered...

Umeå School of Architecture / Work in Progress
2012-05-19 2012-06-06

In the exhibition Work in Progress, Umeå School of Architecture gives an insight into how structure...

Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Eva Lindström's Apan och jag
2012-05-19 2012-06-10

Eva Lindström’s Apan och jag [Monkey and Me] received the honorable mention as best Swedish...

Academy of Fine Arts / Twenty Twelve (as we know it)
2012-05-19 2012-06-06

Twenty Twelve (As We Know It) is the title of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts’ graduation exhibition 2012....

Bildmuseet 30 Years!
2011-09-25 2011-11-20

For 30 years Bildmuseet has produced and shown lots of big, small, wonderful, challenging and high...

Tracey Rose / Waiting for God
2011-09-25 2011-11-20

Waiting for God is the South African artist's first large scale solo exhibition with a selection of works...

Spare Time
2011-06-06 2011-09-04

The Spare Time exhibition explores the concept of spare time and the impact of recreational activities…

Edith Marie Pasquier / 13 983 birds
2011-06-06 2011-09-04

London based artist Edith Marie Pasquier works with moving image, photography, sound and text...

Everybody is Entitled to Security
2011-06-06 2011-09-04

The exhibition is the result of the second year of the Kulturverket project Where's the Art in Research?

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2011
2011-05-07 2011-05-22

Once again the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts fills Bildmuseet with two degree exhibition shows. In...

See Chemistry
2011-02-19 2011-04-25

Nature and life's smallest building blocks often form beautiful patterns. The images are also an important...

Walid Raad / Miraculous Beginnings
2011-02-19 2011-04-25

Bildmuseet presents the first major Swedish exhibition of US-Lebanese artist, Walid Raad. One of...

The new Bildmuseet at Umeå Arts Campus
2010-12-04 2011-01-30

In the spring of 2012 Bildmuseet will move to a new building situated on Umeå Arts Campus by the Umeå river...

Ingo Vetter / Motor Show
2010-11-21 2011-01-30

For the last ten years Ingo Vetter has visited Detroit regularly for research, artistic production...

Anneli Furmark / Mindmap
2010-11-21 2011-01-30

A modest still life is often the starting point in Anneli Furmark’s watercolour paintings...

Sara Jordenö / Diamond people – Instructions for a Film
2010-11-21 2011-01-30

The diamond factory in Robertsfors is the starting point in Sara Jordenö's project Diamond People...

Zineb Sedira / Under the Sky and Over the Sea
2010-09-19 2010-10-31

Dreamlike imagery and elaborate soundscapes characterize the work visual artist Zineb Sedira...

eNORMt – a Photo Project
2010-06-20 2010-07-04

The exhibition eNORMt is the result of an educational project that has been going on during the spring...

Everybody is Entitled
2010-06-06 2010-09-05

What’s important for your life to be a good life? Kulturverket asked children in Sweden and Italy and...

Pia Arke / Tupilakosaurus
2010-06-06 2010-09-05

With the premature death of Greenlandic-Danish artist Pia Arke (1958-2007), the Nordic region lost...

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2010
2010-05-08 2010-05-23

The Master’s Programme of Fine Arts exhibition Making Public presents the works of the newly...

Liselott Wajstedt / Árvas och Faces
2010-03-06 2010-03-14

Árvas - A woman finds colourful companionship on her drive through the bleak and magical landscape...

Lost and Found – Queerying the Archive
2010-01-31 2010-04-25

How can we create an archive of the private memories of gender, love and sexuality that have been...

Maria Miesenberger
2009-10-04 2010-01-17

This autumn Bildmuseet is offering a large-scale presentation of the work of Maria Miesenberger...

Open Source Embroidery
2009-06-06 2009-09-20

The Open Source Embroidery exhibition presents artworks that use embroidery and code as a tool...

Oscar Muñoz
2009-06-06 2009-09-20

Oscar Muñoz is internationally recognized and one of today’s most prominent artists from the Americas...

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2009
2009-05-10 2009-05-24

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts opens two degree exhibitions at Bildmuseet: It's About Time...

Magnus Bard /Drawing the Present
2009-02-22 2009-04-26

Artist and illustrator Magnus Bard, wellknown from his pointed and thought-provoking political satires...

Florian Zeyfang / Slow Narration Moving Still
2009-02-22 2009-04-26

An extensive engagement with experimental film and video characterizes the work of German artist...

Britta Marakatt-Labba / Cosmos
2009-02-22 2009-04-26

Bildmuseet presents Britta Marakatt-Labba in the most ambitious exhibition, Cosmos, to date with...

The Map / Navigating the Present
2008-10-12 2009-02-08

The Map / Navigating the Present is a genuinely trans-disciplinary and intercultural event engaging...

Urban Concerns / Amy Franceschini / Nearest Nature
2008-09-06 2008-09-21

Artist and designer Amy Franceschini is presenting Nearest Nature, a workshop and an exhibition exploring...

Jean-François Boclé / I Did Not Discover America
2008-06-08 2008-09-21

The first more comprehensive European survey presentation of the oeuvre of Jean-François Boclé….

Nomad by Heart / Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden
2008-06-08 2008-08-24

Modern notions of nomadic cultures unite the works of 18 artists that are shown in the exhibition...

Urban Concerns / Jewyo Rhii / Lie on the Han River
2008-06-08 2008-09-21

South-Korean artist Jewyo Rhii allows us to meet the people of the city Seoul moving around the river Han...

Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Show 2008
2008-05-10 2008-05-25

This spring, the Academy of Fine Arts is offering two degree exhibitions for the first time...

Urban Concerns / Anthea Moys
2008-04-27 2008-05-25

An exhibition from South African artist Anthea Moys, who through performance works raises questions...

Urban Concerns / Mella Jaarsma
2008-03-09 2008-04-20

An exhibition by the Dutch-Indonesian artist Mella Jaarsma who explores questions concerning cultural ident...

Joachim Schmid / Photoworks 1982–2007
2008-02-03 2008-04-27

Berlin based artist Joachim Schmid does not photograph himself. Nevertheless, few people have...

Rosa Barba / Outwardly from Earth’s Center
2008-02-03 2008-04-27

The short film Outwardly from Earth’s Center by the German-Italian filmmaker and artist, Rosa Barba...

Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City
2007-11-25 2008-01-20

In connection with the exhibition Game Art a group of students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå...

Ursula Biemann
2007-11-25 2008-01-20

Ursula Biemann, an artist, theorist and curator, has in recent years produced a considerable body...

Game Art
2007-11-25 2008-01-20

Computer games are one of today's leading popular cultural product. The exhibition Game Art shows...

VIETPRINTS / Graphic Works from Hanoi - Vietnam
2007-10-20 2007-10-28

In this exhibition, VIETPRINTS, works in various graphic techniques, by five Vietnamese artists...

Anneke Eussen
2007-09-16 2007-11-11

With drawing and sculpture as instruments, the Dutch artist Anneke Eussen creates and explores...

Veronica Brovall
2007-09-16 2007-11-11

Association-rich sculptures of everyday materials in monumental formats characterise Veronica Brovall’s...

Paola Yacoub Michel Lasserre / Newsletter, Fuseki
2007-09-16 2007-11-11

Since 2002, Paola Yacoub Michel Lasserre’s work in progress Newsletter examines and comments...

Isaac Julien / True North
2007-09-16 2007-11-11

Isaac Julien’s video art combines astute political practice with sensual richness and poetic complexity.

Skate Culture
2007-06-03 2007-09-09

Skate Culture is a major exhibition about one of the most high-profile subcultures of our time...

Jens Assur / I Can See the World from Here
2007-06-03 2007-09-09

Photographer Jens Assur spent a few weeks during the past year living in student housing in Umeå...

As Serious as Your Life
2007-06-03 2007-09-02

In the photography exhibition As Serious as Your Life, three young photographers based in London...

The Academy of Fine Arts / Project ‘07; The exhibition
2007-05-05 2007-05-20

Under the title Project ‘07”: The exhibition the works of 15 newly graduated artists from their five years...

USSR in Construction / Graphic form in the early Soviet Union
2007-02-04 2007-04-22

The exhibition USSR in Construction / Graphic form in the early Soviet Union takes a closer look at Russian...

Lukas Einsele / One Step Beyond – The Mine Revisited
2007-02-04 2007-04-22

In One Step Beyond – The Mine Revisited, Lukas Einsele examines the worldwide phenomenon of the landmine...

Contemporary Arab Representations. The Iraqi Equation
2006-11-05 2007-01-21

Iraq is in focus at Bildmuseet. In November, part 3 of Contemporary Arab Representations will be presented...