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Boris Mikhailov

2001-06-10 to 2001-08-26

Boris Mikhailov (born 1938) has over the last decade built a strong international following through many exhibitions and books. A critical perspective combined with empathy, a sense of tragedy and dignity as well as a sense of humour and of the absurdities of life, all carried out in wry, vulgar, playful and intimate photographs.

In 2000 Mikhailov was awarded the Hasselblad Prize. This retrospective exhibition, produced by Hasselblad Centre, includes works from three decades. Ukraine under Soviet rule, the conditions of living in post-communist Eastern Europe, the fallen utopias of the Soviet Union, are all interwoven with meditations on lust, longing, togetherness, vulnerability, destitution, aging and death.

The exhibition consists of the series Red Series, Dance, Unfinished Dissertation, By the Ground, I am not I, Case History and Look at Me - I Look at the Water.