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Current Exhibitions

Nancy Holt / Inside Outside
2022-06-17 2023-01-29

Inside Outside is the most ambitious presentation ever of Holt´s multifaceted artistic oeuvre.

The TV Trampoline
2022-10-21 2023-01-29

Artists and writers have created works inspired by children's programs between 1965 and 1985.

Mats Jonsson / Still Sámi
2022-06-17 2023-01-29

Mats Jonsson compiles the traces of Sápmi and places them side by side with his own drawings at Bildmuseet.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Down North / Contemporary Art in the Arctic
2023-05-26 2024-01-14

Down North / Contemporary Art in the Arctic presents a cross-section of contemporary art in the Arctic area.

Swedish Picture Book of the Year
2023-05-26 2023-10-22

Exhibition of Swedish Picture Book of the Year.

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts Degree show 2023
2023-05-26 2023-08-20

The degree show at Bildmuseet is the culmination of five years of study in fine art and a time of in...