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Open 24/4: 12–17
Free admission
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Jochen Lempert / Sudden Spring

2018-06-15 to 2018-10-21

Jochen Lempert is a trained biologist and has been working as an artist since the early 1990s, with black-and-white photography as his primary medium. Animals, plants and other natural phenomena are his main motifs, and he observes them with the gaze of both a researcher and an artist.

Using an analogue 35-mm camera, he records flocks of birds, insects, ocean waves or the interplay of light and shadow on foliage. He also finds his subjects in densely populated urban environments. Several of the photographs in the exhibition were taken in the artist's hometown of Hamburg and in Umeå. 

In the exhibition space, Jochen Lempert displays his works without frames or other mountings. On close inspection, paradoxical and completely unexpected connections start to emerge between the images. By bringing motifs with common visual elements together, Lempert allows his subjects to initiate new, unexpected dialogues and thus opens up for new interpretations and associations.

Jochen Lempert (b. 1958) is living and working in Hamburg, Germany. His works have been shown over the world, but this is his first solo exhibition in the Nordic region. In 2017, Jochen Lempert received the prestigious Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography.