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Veronica Brovall

2007-09-16 to 2007-11-11

Association-rich sculptures of everyday materials in monumental formats characterise Veronica Brovall’s oeuvre.

With two sculptures, Rootfilling 1 and Rootfilling 2 and a series of collages – Essen, Essen, Essen – Veronica Brovall returns to Bildmuseet, the Museum of Visual Arts. Five years ago, she was one of the graduating students in the 2002 degree exhibition from the Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University.

Treating the sculpture or object as processes, this is central for Veronica Brovall. The sculptures are extremely complex and associative. They form systems or networks, rather than individual objects, and can be considered spatial installations, such as the Vietnamese single-family home she transformed into a sculpture in 2005. Brovall’s three-dimensional works carry multi-layered stories, with visible or hidden connections with surprising and overpowering twists.

Two “trees” is the more prominent feature of this presentation. Rootfilling 1, a lying tree, deep black, almost 10 metres long and uprooted, dominates the large exhibition hall. The materials used consist of tape, PVC plastic pipes, steel wire, plastic wrap, paper, springs, some electric fans that speed up the springs, and so on. The root system of the tree houses a human shape, made of the same materials, encapsulated by the roots. Everything is energetic, meticulous, meticulous, and reworked into sculpture. The figurative art is intertwined with abstraction and association. Rootfilling 2, a slightly smaller “tree,” is bright in colour, and stands upright. Even here t entire root system is exposed with a crouching human figure connected to the roots. Above the ground, the “tree” has been impaled by toothpicks by the thousands.
In Veronica Brovall’s collage, mostly from the Essen, Essen, Essen series, the expression and materials are different, but we nevertheless recognise the process form. The motif sphere is at home, a household, and body parts. The imagery is distinctly surreal. The cutlery goes to attack. One body part turns out to be composed of other body parts. The collages taste of a society with rampant consumerism and an impersonal, aggressive sexuality.

Veronica Brovall, was born in 1975 and lives and works in Berlin. Brovall has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Estonia and Sweden.