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Open 24/4: 12–17
Free admission
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Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Between the Devil and the Deep Sea

2015-05-16 to 2015-05-31

This years exhibition by the graduate students from the masters programme at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts presents works by Benjamin Andersson, Samuel Andersson, Loes Degener, Joakim Friberg, Anna Hillbom, Funny Livdotter, Oscar Mega Männikkö, Douwe Mulder, Erik Nilsson, Ann-Catrin Olsson, Varg Strande, André Talborn, Jonas Westlund and Katrin Westman. Their main tutor was Professor Swetlana Heger. The exhibition title Between the Devil and the Deep Sea refers to the time between the students art education and the initiation of their professional careers.

Between the Devil and the Deep Sea represents the culmination of five years of study in Fine Arts and displays a wide range of practices and ideas, including performance art, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, audio and video. The students have developed independent practices, specific to their individual intentions and temperaments.

Ann-Catrin Olsson performs Donated Moves every day throughout the exhibition period. Jonas Westerlund will perform his piece The Volunteer Host by attending the exhibition as a volunteer invigilator. In addition, there is a program of artist guided tours, presentations, artist talks and workshops. On the occasion of this exhibition a series of specially designed note books will be available in Bildmuseet's shop and a catalogue will be published.