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Everybody is Entitled

2010-06-06 to 2010-09-05

What’s important for your life to be a good life? Kulturverket asked children in Sweden and Italy and the answer was prompt. A house and a home and of course, the people, the things and the animals that go with it. The answer came from the youngest children but became the topic for all the children in the project.

The project used the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a starting point, and this exhibition is the result of what happened next.

When it became clear how important the house in itself was as a symbol for the good life, an arts historian was engaged and talked to all the children in the project about architecture and showed pictures of buildings and various residential areas.

The childrens’opinions, discussions about art, architecture and human rights became stories, pictures, models, films and music in collaboration with the artistic leaders of Kulturverket, who eventually used this material to create the works you can see in the exhibition.