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Contemporary Self-Portraits

2014-05-08 to 2014-06-08

The self-portrait is a way of examining oneself through depicting one's outer and inner self. Over a period of two years Bildmuseet has collaborated with Colleges of Art in Estonia, Finland, Ireland and Latvia in order to draw up a relevant pedagogical methodology relating to self-portraits. In this exhibition we are showing photography, sculpture, collage and a slideshow based on material produced in workshops held at five locations in Europe. Using different artistic techniques and methods, the participants of different ages have all revealed something about themselves.

Bildmuseet also invites you to a public conference on Friday 9 May where the work with self-portraits will be presented and summarised. This is arranged in collaboration with the Department of Creative Studies, Umeå University and the Fine Arts Co-ordinator for Region Västerbotten.

Contemporary self-portraits are financed by the EU's Culture Programme.