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Magnus Bard / Drawing the Present

2009-02-22 to 2009-04-26

Artist and illustrator Magnus Bard, wellknown from his pointed and thought-provoking political satires in the national newspaper Dagens Nyheter and from many book illustrations, presents drawings, collages and sketches in his exhibition at Bildmuseet.

The political satire, condensed in a versatile yet precise drawing, is no longer a frequent occurrence in the Swedish press. One of few remaining professional illustrators working for the daily press is Magnus Bard. Since 1998, he is employed as illustrator for the editorial pages at Dagens Nyheter. Every day he entertains the readers with sharp, thoughtful, provocative and often wittily double-edged images, bringing forth complications and contradictions in contemporary political issues. He also regularly contributes drawings for the main union magazine – Kommunalarbetaren. Furthermore, Magnus Bard works frequently with illustrating bookworks and other publications.

In his exhibition at Bildmuseet Magnus Bard presents recent sketches, drafts as well as completed drawings and collages. He shares as well a description of the working day for a political cartoonist at a daily newspaper. In addition, he shows his latest drawings in a live display, continuously updated during the course of the exhibition.

Magnus Bard was born in Vindeln, Västerbotten and lives and works in Vallentuna. He studied at the Anders Beckman School. Since 1980 he works as illustrator. He received the Swedish Illustrator Award in 2009.