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Taking Over

2000-09-26 to 2001-02-11

The artist Andreas Gedin has curated a show where works by other artists confront and interpret and undermine his own work. The exhibition's focus are works of invasion, colonisation, occupation, parasitism and territory; works of taking over, literally or metaphorically. The context for the works in the exhibition might resemble that of an "unfriendly take over" at the stock market. The exhibition reflects the aggressive, imperialistic aspect of works of art, of art worlds, and of the curatorial process itself.

The new work Taking over by Andreas Gedin an attack on Europe, as a beginning. He has carried out walks in the capitals of Greece, Germany, France, England and Sweden. In each city the carefully planned and laborious walks describe different sentences: Taking over (London) bit by bit (Paris) more and more (Athens) piece by piece (Stockholm) step by step (Berlin). These sentences are then inscribed in maps drawn in white.

Curator: Andreas Gedin
Catalogue: a conversation between Daniel Birnbaum and Andreas Gedin, introduction by Jan-Erik Lundström.

The exhibition includes works by the following artists:
Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Joseph Beuys, Leif Elggren, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Andreas Gedin, Tehching Hsieh, On Kawara, Mats Theselius, Gillian Wearing, Roman Vasseur, Wong Hoy Cheong.