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Museology Student Exhibition / The Image of Research

2002-05-07 to 2002-05-20

The Image of Research is an exhibition project by museology students at Umeå University, and is the result of the exhibition design component of the Museology B course. The students have worked with different themes that here form parts of the exhibition.

• Wallow in research: What do you think research is? Are you a researcher? This part of the exhibition presents research focusing on children’s thoughts about research. Will we find an answer to the question of who is actually a researcher?

The Artists’ Guild: The Artists’ Guild was established on New Year’s Eve in 1845, and was dissolved in spring 1854. During its existence, the association organised hundreds of meetings, exhibitions and lectures. The guild was a meeting place within Stockholm’s cultural life. It strove to achieve a national art and an art scene that was free from the state.

Interpreted from stone: A fascinating collaboration between the humanities and technology is presented in this part of the exhibition. What was the importance of rock carvings for Bronze Age people, and what is their significance today? Would a rock carving look different if it was produced today?

Memories of smells: What would life be like if we had no sense of smell? You wouldn’t have smelt acrid smoke from a fire or burnt food, but nor would you have experienced the wonderful aroma of freshly baked buns. Smells evoke memories – what do you remember?

Bachelor boy – myth or individual?: What characterises the perpetual bachelor? Do we have a stereotypical image of him? Based on ethnologist Bo Nilsson’s research report on masculinity, the myth is confronted with a more nuanced picture, and the students aim to reveal the individual.