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Open 24/7: 12–17
Free admission
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Peter Öhrnell / Paintings

2021-04-24 to 2021-11-07

“Nature, you say, and point. There it is”.

Peter Öhrnell’s motifs are at the interface between nature and culture; the zone in which the human habitat is shaped. Balancing among almost abstract colour surfaces are structures suggesting organic landscapes, architecture or fragments of interiors. Shrubs, clouds, rock folds, snow piles, cavities, bush wood, meet a house, roof, facade, deck chair. Intense, sonorous colours in steadily constructed compositions give the paintings a kinship with music. In his exhibition at Bildmuseet, Öhrnell presents new works from 2018–2021.

Peter Öhrnell (b. 1957) grew up in Kiruna and lives and works in Linköping. His works have been featured in exhibitions and public assignments, and he is represented in regional collections as well as at the Swedish Arts Council. Öhrnell was previously based in Umeå where, in addition to his artistic practice, he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute of Design.

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