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Open today: Digitalt 12-17
Free admission

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / MFA Exhibition

2021-05-08 to 2021-05-23

The Academy of Fine Arts' degree exhibition at Bildmuseet marks the end of five years of studies in Fine Arts and a period of intense discussion, research and work. During the Masters programme, the young artists have worked on their individual practices. They have researched the history, current social relevance, themes and status of the field of art. For you as a visitor, the exhibition offers insights into the ongoing discourse in contemporary art, as well as its evaluation of techniques and materials.

Participating artists: Rakel Bergman Fröberg, Tekla Bergman Fröberg, Hannah Brännström, Joel Danielsson & Louise Öhman, André Fischer, Erica Giacomazzi, Emma Hjelm, Susan Karaveli, Judit Kristensen, Georgios Lazaridis, Gazi Mrah, Per Nenzelius, Charlotte Ostritsch, Jonatan Pihlgren and Sandra Wasara-Hammare. Main tutor is the Berlin based artist Ariane Müller, guest teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts.