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Camille Normet and Knut Åsdam / Filter City

2004-09-05 to 2004-10-17

Camille Norment (USA) and Knut Åsdam (Norway) both work at the intersection between film, sound, photography, architecture and interaction design. The exhibition at Bildmuseet shows works created in spring 2004, while they were completing IASPIS scholarships in Umeå.

Norment’s multimedia installation Drift Glass (2004) consists of a mirror that reflects the room but not the person reflected in it. The mirror image appears to disappear, and instead the viewer receives a response in the form of sound that changes depending on how they move around the room. If two or more people stand next to each other, their reflections can be seen more clearly.

Åsdam shows colour photographs from his film and photo project Filter City, which explores patterns of movement in architecture and identity. Taking the contemporary city as his starting point, he is interested in the random and the changeable in our lives, our histories and our sexualities. Filter City has attracted considerable international attention, and recently won the Artimage Film & Video Award in Austria.

Norment and Åsdam were both born in the late 1960s, and have been working internationally as artists for more than a decade. They live in New York, Berlin and Oslo. During their time in Sweden, they were awarded scholarships via the IASPIS guest studio programme.