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2002-09-15 to 2002-10-13

Oskar Korsàr, Jonas Nobel, Fredrik Söderberg 

Bildmuseet presents the group exhibition Trippy, which examines how
contemporary young artists reinterpret and make use of the idioms and communication rules that define the visual cultures of graphic art, drawing, illustration, and the mass media. Common to the three participating artists is that they in different ways and on different levels sample, combine, and distort the visual code systems of our time.

Oskar Korsàr's (b. 1977) drawings are characterised by an awkward sensitivity wherein private accounts happen to meet snippets of passing conversation. The images often have a somewhat reposed and sketch-like character, but can suddenly be broken up by pixel-like figures and stark details. Korsàr was nominated for the Great Illustrator's Prize 2002 (Stora Illustratörspriset 2002).

Jonas Nobel (b. 1968) works with Indian ink and collage techniques. In a broad, irreverent, and loving manner, Nobel embraces popular culture, the entertainment industry, design, and art history. Linguistic maxims are also provided much room, and certain images literally become visual one-liners. Nobel is a member of the UglyCute design group.

Fredrik Söderberg (b. 1972) fuses powerful texts and images. The ear-splitting volume and the wild scribbling bring to mind corner-store adverts, propaganda posters, flyers, and primitive computer graphics. But the anticipated messages are left to take a back seat in light of chaotic and virus-like statements with no given moral or political standpoints.