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Marita Liulia / Ambitious Bitch

2002-05-26 to 2002-10-13

The Finnish artist, Marita Liulia (born in 1957), has every right to be called a digital art pioneer. Maire, her work from 1994, was one of the first multimedia works of art to be published in CD ROM format. Her international breakthrough came in 1996 with Ambitious Bitch.

In her multimedia works, Marita Liulia combines art with research, theory, entertainment and technology – all mixed with a quick-witted sense of humour. “My aim is to seduce and activate the spectators. I want them to become aware of their own thoughts, and enjoy them or re-evaluate them.”

Ambitious Bitch is a brilliant, visual update of western women and femininity, presented through self-irony and a funky sense of humour. The CD ROM structure communicates with challenging visuality, rich audio presentation and an original navigating system.

Ambitious Bitch offers eleven different destinations to dive into:
• Ambitious Blonde (The latest blonde jokes by herself)
• Erotic Tales (Dive into the secret world of female arousal)
• Female Perversions (Stunning stories by seven weird ladies)
• Sex or Gender (Do you really know who you are?)
• Ambitious Witch (See your past, present and future)
• Waves of Feminism (Modern, Post-modern and Feminisms in a nut-shell)
• Body - Art of Existence (This is my body, this is my software)
• Female Qualities? (Wise but vain? Illogical and emotional?)
• Trad. wit (Prowerbs about women)
• Fashion & designers (Express yourself! Reinvent yourself!)
• Bubbles (Flea market for ideas on femininity)

Other works by Marita Liulia are SOB (Son of a Bitch) in 1999 and Tarot in 2001. She has received numerous prestigious awards including Prix Möbius International, Prix Ars Electronica and the State Award of Finland.