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Mats Caldeborg and Thomas Tidholm / Ensligheter

2006-06-11 to 2006-08-20

Mats Caldeborg likes to link his objects and sculptures to nature. The objects are created from found objects – bird skeletons, knots of wood, features, branches and twigs. There are also objects from culture – bronze figures, a detailed model of a blue farmhouse, a burnt step, and objects from life’s nooks and crannies.

In connection with Caldeborg’s work, the exhibit includes texts and quotations from Thomas Tidholm.

Mats Caldeborg (born in 1950) lives in Järnäsklubb, Nordmaling. He has exhibited at several museums around the country and is also represented in public collections.

Thomas Tidholm (born in 1943) has written poetry, drama, and children’s books (most illustrated by his wife Anna-Clara Tidholm) since the 1960s and recently published a collection of poetry entitled Error (2006).