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Anné Olofsson / This Is Who I Am Me and You Naked Light of Day

2006-06-11 to 2006-08-20

Processes of identification, identities and their dissolution are examinated in the art of Anneè Olofsson. Characteristic is her particular focus on the images and mirrorimages held up by our closest relatives and relations.

Anneè Olofsson produces short suggestive videos or photographic sequences where she playfully and revealingly investigates human relations and identities. Indeed, our most intimate and personal contact and affiliations, just at the point where they turn universal. Often this means the artist's closes family, not the least her mother and father, in intricate interplay with the artist herself.

Family relations are tested, just as tensions between generations or the sexes are explored, represented. Futures blend with pasts. Aging, beauty, vanity, guilt, desire are some of the ingredients encountered in Anneè Olofsson's works. Double-portraits with the mother obscuring the daughter in I Put My Foot Deep in the Tracks That You Made; the father's hands wrapped around the artist/the daughter in Skinned; the artist portrayed in ice, slowly melting away, in Say Hello, Then Wave Goodbye.

Année Olofsson (f 1966) has been frequently exhibited internationally, but is as of yet rather unknown in Sweden. She studied at the Art Academy of Oslo. In recent years she has had soloexhibitions in New York, Washington, Milano and Paris, as well as many groupexhibitions in Europe and South-East Asia.

The curator Milovan Farronato is a curator and critic, living and working in Milano. A catalogue following this project has been published by Propexus Förlag.