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Open today: 12-17
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Owl Project

2013-08-15 to 2013-09-15

Inspired by carpentry, hobby electronics and open source technology, Owl Projectcreate innovative and sculptural musical objects. 

With the combination of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship, their instruments can be seen as criticism against wear and tear technology as well as a comment on the interaction between humans and machines. They invoke nostalgia about crafts but also inspire questions about our ever growing consumption culture.

The exhibition includes two new machines that examine the potential of creating sounds using a saw blade. BiSaw Synth is one of Owl projects inventions that plays a saw blade in a varied manner. The result is a machine that generates interesting sounds while simultaneously performing the task in a humorous manner. Treadle Synth provides both power and pace in order to create electronic music. It uses spinning saw blades to generate pulsed light and various sound frequencies. From each individual blade a new light and a new tone arise which to some extent resembles the classic Hammond organ.

Owl Project is based in Manchester and consists of the artists Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall and Steve Symons