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Saara Ekström / Alchemy

2016-06-12 to 2016-09-05

Life and death, blooming and withering, attraction and repulsion challenge each other in Saara Ekström's provocative aesthetics. She brings together contrasting phenomena in unexpected, unsettling ways and questions culturally bound notions of what objects and materials symbolise. The exhibition title Alchemy refers to a process in which symbolic values are refined and modified.

Saara Ekström works mainly with photography and video, but also with text, sound and sculptural installations. This exhibition presents a selection of the artist's latest works, based on her fascination with alchemical processes.

Saara Ekström (b. 1965, Finland) has exhibited in the USA, Brazil, Japan and various places in Europe. Her work is held in numerous public collections and she has been nominated for prestigious awards, including the Ars Fennica and the Carnegie Art Award. The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Laura Köönikkä, Finnish Art Agency. 

Thanks to the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.