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Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Kraftverk

2002-05-04 to 2002-05-12

Malin Matilda Allberg, Roland Beijer, Jonte Björklund, Veronica Brovall, Kerstin Forsberg, Karin Frennesson, Emil Holmer, Camilla Rosberg, Roger Talik and Mårten Åhsberg. Curator: Pia Kristoffersson.

The 2002 graduation exhibition is called Kraftverk [Power works or Powerplant], and is no modest event. The physical scale is ramped up, and many of the students have a clear interest in three-dimensional design and sculpture. Excellent use is made of the exhibition space, and the layout follows the principle of confrontation rather than respectful separation.

“As is so often the case with graduation exhibitions, it feels difficult and contrived to formulate and agree on a common theme. Over the course of five years an art school develops in different directions, although external influences are of course both inevitable and an important part of this development. However, if we look for points of contact between this year’s graduating students, I think I see a willingness in all of them to create good conditions for encounters and confrontation in some form, a curiosity for materials and a promising energy.

A graduation exhibition is a contradictory mixture of collective and individual manifestation, in which the representation of the group and the individual expressions follow different rules of communication. But in this exhibition, Kraftverk – the Swedish word for ‘power plant’ – works as a title for both the whole and its constituent parts.”

Pia Kristoffersson, Director of Gävle Art Center and coordinator of the exhibition.