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Susan Meiselas / Nicaragua: Re-Framing History and Cecilia Parsberg / A Heart from Jenin

2006-02-05 to 2006-05-01

The two photographic projects by photographer Susan Meiselas and by the Swedish artist Cecilia Parsberg both explore conflicts of power in a historical perspective.

In Susan Meisela's Re-Framing History, she explores the responses by Nicaraguans when in 2005 being confronted with the photographs – presented as billboards on the sites where they were once taken – taken by Meiselas as she followed the Nicaraguan revolution in 1978 and 1979.

Cecilia Parsberg’s works maps the village of Jenin, its destruction in 2002, through the invasion of the Israeli army, its reconstruction as seen in 2005. The film A Heart from Jenin tells the story of donated heart from a young Palestinian boy, shot by Israeli soldiers, which saves the life of a young Israeli girl.

In September, 2006, it will be presented at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm.
The exhibition is a part of the project Crusading.