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Marita Liulia / Son of a Bitch

2002-09-15 to 2002-10-13

After several years' of immersion in isseus of femininity Marita Liulia have turned her gaze towards MEN. SOB (Son of a Bitch) takes you to the virtual apartment of Jack L. Froid, a psychoanalyst and expert in masculinity. The man himself has disappeared without trace but his humorous, witty and surprising ideas on the modern man are waiting for you.

SOB is a (post)modern, urban, Western male. SOB's problems may be new but so are his possibilities. SOB turns it gaze towards the future rather than the past. Therefore old ideas of masculinity have to be reconsidered. What does the notion "man" actually mean? Behind such common concepts we find constantly changing meanings.

The visuals by Marita Liulia and the sound by Ari Hirvonen create a work of art that is enticing, playful and rich in content. The work has a QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality) interface. The user is guided by "Esco", a hybrid of mobile phone and multimedia.

In Dr Jack L. Froid's apartment you will find surprises and hidden menues:
The Art of Being a Man
The Ideal Man 2000
Fe/Male Bodies
The Jackpot of Male Life
Fathers and Sons
Decline of Patriarchy
Forget Freud, Ignore Lacan
Let Satan Himself Boost Your Masculinity

MARITA LIULIA (b. 1957) is a Finnish artist and a pioneer of digital art. Her first CD-Rom Maire (1994) was followed by Ambitious Bitch in 1996 (2nd edition 1998), a CD-Rom about women and femininity at the turn of the millennium. Ambitious Bitch has received numerous awards including Prix Möbius International and Prix Ars Electronica. Ambitious Bitch was shown at Bildmuseet from May-Aug, 2002.