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Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán

2014-01-31 to 2014-04-20

Can sorrow be inherited? Katarina Pirak Sikku has asked herself this question. It emerged when she looked into the studies of Sami people, dating from the first half of the 20th century, undertaken by Sweden's State Institute for Race Biology. She has examined archive material and interviewed persons who had been subject to physical measurement and photographic registration in the Institute's lists. She also interviewed their families in order to find out how these events have left a scar on their lives that marks them even today. At Bildmuseet she presents her artistic configuration of this material in the form of drawings, photographs, paintings, installations and texts.

Katarina Pirak Sikku (born 1965) was educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and is now resident in Jokkmokk, Norrbotten in Sweden. Her work has been shown at Korundi, Rovaniemi in Finland 2012; Grafikens hus, Mariefred in Sweden, 2012; Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, Colombia, 2011; Árran lulesamisk senter, Drag, Norway, 2011.

The exhibition is produced by Bildmuseet with funding support from Umeå2014 and Kulturkontakt Nord (Nordic Culture Point).