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Nathalie Latham / Sleeping Angels

2006-02-05 to 2006-05-01

With a sense of the present and a slowed-down pace, Nathalie Latham follows sleeping commuters on the Tokyo Metro. Latham works with photography, video and documentary film. Her works are often factual observations about traveling, and about people who move between real and fictional locations. Many of her works are based on cities: from overpopulated labyrinths like Tokyo to abandoned, ruined cities like Russia’s City No. 65.

In the video installation Sleeping Angels, the camera closely and precisely follows sleeping commuters on the Tokyo Metro. The slumbering faces appear anonymous, absent and vulnerable as the illuminated multi-million inhabitant city whizzes past outside the train’s window. The work is a naked human document; an unobtrusive but shimmering narrative about memory and displacement.

Nathalie Latham (born 1969 in Australia) lives and works in Paris. This is the first time her work has been presented to a Swedish audience.