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Design Matters

2019-11-15 to 2020-04-05

Design Matters presents objects and technologies that may soon become part of our everyday lives. In an age in which we face major challenges, the design of the future has the potential to mark out new pathways. We must produce and consume differently.

Does our relationship to things change if the shoes we wear have been cultivated by us, if the plate we eat from is actually a living organism? Can a reason behind a climate disaster become something beautiful and worth preserving? The exhibition presents projects by Caracara, Liz Ciokaljio, Jesper Eriksson, Officina Corpuscoli/Maurizio Montalti, Jenny Nordberg, Ewa Nowak, and Superflux. They are all internationally established designers who want to change what we can expect from consumer goods, fashion and furniture, as well as communal areas and functions.

Design Matters gives the opportunity to reflect on the nature of  function, durability and beauty. It highligts design that raises questions about the age we live in and paves the way for new interactions with the world.

The exhibition is produced by Bildmuseet and will be inaugurated in 2019 when our neighbour the Umeå Institute of Design celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Interview Jesper Eriksson
Interview Jenny Nordberg
Interview Maurizio Montalti
Interview Aleksi Puustinen & Aleksi Vesauloma