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Behold the brain!

2006-09-03 to 2006-10-22

A travelling exhibition from the Knowledge Foundation Riksutställningar and the Swedish Research Council.

Scientists claim that we have discovered more about the human brain during the last ten years than in the whole of mankind´s earlier history. It is now that we are beginning to understand what the brain does and how it does it - partly because we are able to look right into the living organism - and this will rapidly change our entire existence.

The project comprises a travelling exhibition, a website and a film. A programme of events in conjunction with the exhibition will engage the public with what is, perhaps the most remarkable scientific breakthrough in human history.

The exhibition is built up around a three-dimensional image of the brain which one can navigate and thereby comprehend the basic structure. Visitors can trace active "nerve fibres" to 13 different stations that show such things as how the nervous system works, how the brain has developed over 500 million years, how the smallest parts of a nerve cell are constructed , what illnesses affect us, how the memory works, which difficult questions we are faced with on account of our improved understanding and the future development of the brain together with computers. At each station there is a worktop allowing visitors to experiment themselves.