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Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Degree Exhibition 2003

2003-05-03 to 2003-05-08

Participating artists: Katja Aglert, Isabel Cantzler, Christina Kullman, Lasse Mauno, Jan B Mayland, Ylva Mazetti, Torgny Nilsson, Frida Oliv and Knutte Wester. Curators: The artist duo FA+ (Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre).

Degree Exhibition 2003 is the exhibition’s straightforward name. No motto, no theme, and no alias. This is a degree exhibition for Umeå Academy of Fine Arts’ 2003 graduating students. It is not a group exhibition, but nine artists’ works displayed simultaneously in three rooms at Bildmuseet. Nine means of self-expression: installation, video, painting, photography. Interactivity, sound, latex, wood, canvas, photocopying, social/political art, strict conceptualism, naïvism, surrealism. Deadly serious and humorously light-hearted.

Degree Exhibition 2003 is a rich and varied graduation exhibition. Nine individuals have managed to spend five years at the same academy of art without losing their uniqueness, and without being evened out or convinced that art today should be this or that. Which is not as easy as it might sound.

The degree exhibition will also be on display at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm from 16 to 31 August 2003.