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Open tomorrow: 12–17
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Samkväm / Active Art!

2002-10-27 to 2003-01-26

Annika Drougge, Matti Kallioinen, Anna-Lena Lundmark, Johan Malmström, Karin Persson, Tobias Sjödin, Peter Thörneby 

Samkväm works with the concept of movement and all that that contains. The road from idea to presentation and back again. Samkväm focuses on this process.

The exhibition focuses on the mentality involved with building artistic platforms. On how the artist uses the collective world as a point of departure and/or part of their work; as a strategy and as an opportunity. The project examines artistic movement. Samkväm illuminates collaboration between artists, but also between the artist and other segments of the artistic sector/society.

An important point of departure for Samkväm is the view of art as method and art as a workplace where societal events and behaviour can be examined and illustrated. The project consists of an exhibition with continual programmes. The project is mobile, even within the institution of Bildmuseet itself. Samkväm works with the artistic process and sees the process as part of the final result. For example, the exhibition catalogue is produced during the exhibition, as a part of the event and not something that is ready produced before the opening.

The artists are all born between 1963 and 1975. Three of the participants in Samkväm are former students at Konsthögskolan in Umeå; Peter Thörneby, Karin Persson, and Anna-Lena Lundmark.

The exhibition is organised by Anna-Lena Lundmark.