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Larissa Sansour / Heirloom

2020-08-27 to 2021-04-11

In her exhibition Heirloom, Larissa Sansour takes us to a dystopic future where the Earth has undergone an ecological collapse. There, the human clone Alia addresses the trauma, life goals and dreams of previous generations. What stories do we take over from these? How are our lives shaped by this heirloom?

The heart of the exhibition is the two-channel science fiction film In Vitro. After an environmental disaster, humans are forced to live underground and an abandoned nuclear reactor serves as an orchard. There, the creator of the orchard is lying on her deathbed when a young clone comes to visit her. The exhibition includes a monumental sculpture, Monument for Lost Time.

Larissa Sansour (b. 1973, Jerusalem) is a Danish-Palestinian artist and director who is based in London. Her films have been shown at film festivals and art museums all over the world. Heirloom was commissioned by The Danish Arts Foundation for the Danish pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019.

Read more about the artworks in the exhibition.

With thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation.