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Dick Bengtsson

2001-05-12 to 2001-09-02

Dick Bengtsson (1936-1989) is one of the more influential artists in Sweden during the previous century. Exhibiting from the early 1960's through the late 1980's, in Stockholm, Malmö, Borås and Paris, he was especially recognized among fellow artists. Dick Bengtsson diversified and ambiguous images with stereotypical images, signs, references to popular culture and history attract and confound their viewers.

Bengtsson's oeuvre includes painting, objects, film and installations.
At Bildmuseet over 40 works from the period 1959-1988 are shown, including many of his most well known paintings such as Richard in Paris, The Children, Venus and Cupid with Shoe and House with swastika.

The exhibition is produced by Uppsala Konstmuseum.