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Umeå Academy of Fine Arts /Not for My Sake

2001-05-12 to 2001-05-27

Kristian Berglund, Joakim Danell, Niklas Engvall, Ludwig Franzén, Magnus Lindgren, Stina Lundin and Christina Västerbo participated in the 2001 exhibition by the Academy’s graduating students. The curators were Carl Fredrik Hårleman and Cecilia Parsberg.

During their five years of studies, the students have been relatively isolated in their studios, and have only participated in contexts where their work has been put together in this way on a few occasions. The curators therefore chose to make all the works visible at first sight when entering the exhibition space.

“The exhibition Not For My Sake enabled us to avoid staging a ‘cowshed’ exhibition, as there are only seven students graduating from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts this year. We find the space architecturally exciting and interesting, and felt that we were able to play with the architect’s ideas.”