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Daniel Canogar / Quadratura

2013-01-27 to 2013-04-21

The rapid technical development of the film medium is an inspiration for the Spanish artist Daniel Canogar. His installations make new use of outdated technologies: celluloid 35 mm film, VHS tapes and analogue television screens. The piece Sikka Magnum, which was specially produced for Bildmuseet, consists of over three hundred DVDs. Films are projected onto their reflective surfaces and mirrored across the room as a mosaic.

The works of Daniel Canogar comments on man's relationship to the technological development, and on the changes in memory and identity caused by constant upgrades. He imagines that the dated media he uses represents these lost memories and identities. Quadratura refers to the Renaissance technique to create three-dimensional effects on plane surfaces.

Daniel Canogar (born 1964) works with photography, video, sculpture and installation. This exhibition is his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia.