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Carlos Capelán / onlyyou

2002-11-03 to 2002-01-26

The exhibition onlyyou provides a broad perspective of Carlos Capelán’s work. This exhibition comprises new paintings, drawings, photographs, and installations. onlyyou has been put together for Bildmuseet and will later tour to a number of locations around Europe.

Carlos Capelán’s art unites craftsmanship with concept, form and material with ideas. His installations, with their rich associations, often have their point of departure in his own paintings, drawings, or photographs. He explores a number of primary themes and in his work allows a small number of visual elements – the head, the face, the torso, the sleeping form, and the heart – to group in various constellations and to generate new interpretations and associations.

The choice of media that Capelán uses in his work is also important. In addition to oil paint, pastels, and Indian ink, he also works with breast milk, dirt, wine, and carbonated beverages.

Carlos Capelán, born in Uruguay in 1948, lived and worked in Sweden between 1973-2001. He currently lives in Spain and has studios in Lund and Costa Rica. As of last year, he also holds the position of professor at the Academy of Art in Bergen.