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Oscar Muñoz

2009-06-06 to 2009-09-20

Oscar Muñoz is internationally recognized and one of today’s most prominent artists from the Americas. Born 1951, he lives and works in Cali, Colombia. His poetically charged works, often approaching a kind of sensual or perceptual riddles or revelations, involves issues regarding the most fundamental existence and meaning of images in human culture – images and memory, images and identity, images and absence or death. Yet, the work of Oscar Muñoz is at the same time a consistent meditation over human vulnerability, over the history and presence and imminence of violence, in his native country Colombia and in human culture in general. Most often this is channeled through the portrait, and even the self-portrait, as a key motif in his oeuvre.

Photography, video, screen prints, objects and installations are among the techniques and media employed in his wide-reaching production, which ranges from the 1980s till today. There is often a demanding or time-consuming and tedious process of production behind each work, where congenial or extra-ordinary solutions invent new methods of image creation.

The exhibition at Bildmuseet offers a generous selection of works from the last 10 years. Several keyworks from his production from the last years such as Narcisos, Proyecto para un memorial, Linea del destino and Aliento are included in the exhibition.