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Open 24/4: 12–17
Free admission
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Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Digging for Fire

2016-05-07 to 2016-05-22

This year's exhibition by the graduate students from the master programme at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts presents works by Corazon Belen, Chiara Bugatti, Elin Båve, Thomas Hansson, Ludvig Helin, Hanna Una Holmquist, Josef Jägnefält, Viktor Lindberg, Elin Tui Lund, Jennifer Myerscough, Jakob Westberg and Samuel Åhlman. Main tutor for the exhibition was Professor Christoph Draeger.

The title of the exhibition, Digging for Fire, refers to the process of working as an artist - striving towards something shapeless and not yet touchable through a persistent activity.

Digging for Fire represents the culmination of five years of study in Fine Arts and displays a wide range of practices and ideas, including performance art, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, audio and video. The students have developed independent practices, specific to their individual intentions and temperaments.