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People of the North / Anthropological conceptions of the 19th and 20th centuries

2005-11-13 to 2006-01-22

The exhibition, and its accompanying publication, People of the North examines the conquest and the colonization of northern Scandinavian. Contemporary conceptions regarding north-Scandinavian cultures and peoples are reviewed through accessing historical material. The native cultures of the region are given a particular focus, as for example Lapps and Samoyeds, seen in the interplay with immigrating peoples, such as the various Germanic and other Finno-Ugric peoples.

People of the North, the exhibition, will present photographic material lent from central European institutions, including The Royal Anthropological Institute in London, Musée de l´Homme in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Nordiska Museet in Stockholm and Tromsø Museum in Tromsø, Norway. Several university library collections as well as private collections also contribute material.

Photographs, often not previously shown, by pioneers such as Roland Bonaparte, Borg Mesch, Gustaf Hallström and Lotten von Düben are among the high-lights of the exhibition. Original travel documents, manuscripts, monographs, reports complement the visuals.