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Nomad by Heart / Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden

2008-06-08 to 2008-08-24

Modern notions of nomadic cultures unite the works of 18 artists that are shown in the exhibition Nomad by Heart / Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden. The nomadic lifestyle’s endlessly shifting material and intellectual premises in the global society are explored in video, dance, photography and installations among other medias.

The pastoral nomad culture and the ancient, transient way of life form yet today many Mongolians’ life experience. The Mongolian nomads move several times a year to provide their cattle with pasture and shelter during the winter. Artists travel around the world in a similar nomadic tradition to take part in exhibitions and residencies; to increase their chances in becoming a part of the global art scene. The principle is the same; to move around in order to create better living conditions.

Today, in the era of capitalism, a gigantic highway is being planned through Mongolia as in many other places. The highway that will strengthen Mongolia’s connections to its neighbouring countries complicates the nomads’ movements within the country and their ecologically sustainable existence. While the traditional nomad culture is being limited other forms of movement are being encouraged; people, commodities and other phenomenon are moving around in increasing pace.

The exhibition focuses on questions concerning the prospects of the traditional and modern nomad cultures, the possibilities and restrictions that emerge locally and globally during capitalism spreads. The participating artists use a number of techniques and methods, for instance painting, dance, video and photography in exploring their issues.

Sara Appelgren, Filippa Arrias, Oyundolgor Dalkh-Ochiriin, Chinbat Bayanbaatin, Jenny Berntsson, Batkholboo Dugarsurengiin, Ulf Edberg, Marie Fahlin, Eva-Anna Hertov, Tslomonkhuu Janlaviin, Ulrika Jansson, Bayambajargal Munkhjargaliin, Jesper Nordahl, Stina Nyberg, Marielle Nylander, Staffan Schönberg, Lisa Torell, Baatarchuluun Van, Helena Wikström, Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunain, Norman Zandén     

Riikka Anttila, Filippa Arrias, Ulrika Jansson         

The exhibition Nomad by Heart / Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden is part of Art Camp, an exchange project with Swedish and Mongolian artists. Art Camp 2008 is a collaboration between Bildmuseet, Soil Society and Murberget in Härnösand and is supported by the Swedish Institute. After visiting Umeå and Bildmuseet the group of artists will continue their trip to Härnösand where they will participate in workshops and produce another exhibition. The exhibition Uppbrottets hembygd will be shown at Murberget in Härnösand 20/6-28/9 2008.