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Cristián Silva

2000-06-11 to 2000-09-03

Cristián Silva
Chavo Tent, Sadly Notorious

Cristián Silva comes from Chile and shows two of his works. Chavo Tent is a cap big as a tent. It alludes to a South American cartoon figure which is a symbol for all children living in the streets in South America. The other piece; Model of a Football Stadium in Santiago de Chile, is a strong symbolic place to the football loving South America. It is both the huge home arena as well as the place the government of Pinochet chose to use as torture chamber. The artist's relation to the place is further intensified by the fact that his father worked there as a football commentator before the Military Coup.

Cristián Silva participated with these works at the special exhibition Socialismer at Stockholm Art Fair earlier this year, a coproduction between BildMuseet and Umeå Kultur.