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Umeå Institute of Design / What if ...

2012-05-19 to 2012-06-06

The works in this exhibition are made by students from 29 countries, at the BA programme in Industrial Design, the masters programme in Advanced Product Design, the masters programme in Interaction Design, the masters programme in Transportation Design and the PhD programme in Industrial Design.

"We believe that design is about real people and real needs. Solving problems and making improvements - that´s what makes us tick. Our exhibition is all about collaborations, innovation and user centered design, which is what we focus on."

Umeå Institute of Design, UID, was founded in 1989, as a part of Umeå University. The school focuses exclusively on industrial design and provide education ranging from single subject courses and one year-courses to programmes at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels. The students come from all over the world, making sure the school is a true melting pot of creative minds.

UID has been ranked among the top international design schools by BusinessWeek, and was named Centre of Excellence in Higher Education by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in 2008. They cooperate successfully with both the local community and international companies such as Nokia, Toyota, Sony Ericsson, Komatsu, Philips and many others. In average, 95% of the graduated students obtain employment as industrial designers within six months after graduation.