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Pasi Välimaa / You Who Created Earth and Water, All Day and Half the Night...

2006-05-13 to 2006-05-19

During an international crafts conference at the end of May, the people of Umeå will have the opportunity to see works by the renowned textile artist Pasi Välimaa at Bildmuseet.

Välimaa experiments with a variety of textile techniques and materials, but often returns to embroidery and weaving in combination with modern dyeing techniques. Using sketches, prototypes, colour samples and images, the exhibition describes Välimaa’s creativity through three different projects: the design of the traveling cope, mitre, stole and crosier for the Bishop of Uppsala, designing the exhibition På Modet, and the artist’s work process for his own exhibition.

Pasi Välimaa (born 1968 in Uusikaupunki, Finland) is one of the Nordic region’s most interesting textile artists. Since the mid-1990s, he has produced public works, participated in a number of solo and collective exhibitions, worked with stage design, designed products for Klässbol and Kasthall, and taught at the Capellagården craft school on Öland. In 2004, Välimaa was awarded the prestigious Nordic Award in Textiles.

The exhibition has been produced by Anntott Parholt, Slöjd i Örebro Län and Örebro County Museum in collaboration with Umeå University’s Department of Creative Studies, and with support from Umeå Kultur.

You Who Created Earth and Water, All Day and Half the Night is on display at Bildmuseet in connection with the international craft conference Tradition in Transition, organised by Umeå University and Åbo Akademi University on 15–18 May. Välimaa is one of the keynote speakers at the conference.