Past exhibitions

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Tools For The Future

    2020-05-01 - 2020-05-17

    Tools for the Future was planned to mark the end of five years of studies in free art and a period of intense discussion, research and work. The MFA degree exhibition was cancelled due to the situation with the new coronavirus, but the new artists are presented in short films, documentation of their works, as well as a web presentation.

  • Ann Edholm / Tongue on the Tip

    2019-11-15 - 2020-04-12

    Ann Edholm wants her paintings to be experienced as an encounter with a human being, direct and physical. Bildmuseet is exhibiting parts of the artist's series Tongue on the Tip (2003–2011), together with sketches and collages.

  • Design Matters

    2019-11-15 - 2020-04-05

    Does our relationship to things change if the shoes we wear have been cultivated by us, if the plate we eat from is actually a living organism? Can a reason behind a climate disaster become something beautiful and worth preserving? The exhibition presents internationally established designers who want to change what we can expect from consumer goods, fashion and furniture, as well as communal areas and functions.

  • Grada Kilomba / A World of Illusions

    2019-10-11 - 2020-03-08

    In Grada Kilomba’s film trilogy Illusions we encounter the well-known fables of Narcissus and Echo, Oedipus, and Antigone, reworked and performed by actors. Through ancient mythology and colonial history, Illusions speaks of human rights directly into our contemporary times.

  • Animalesque / Art Across Species and Beings

    2019-06-14 - 2019-10-20

    The exhibition brings together an outstanding selection of artworks - film and video, drawing and sculpture, installation and sound art - which invite museum visitors to rethink the human position in the world, its relationship to animals and all other forms of life, and to the various complex ecologies that bond beings together.

  • Meanwhile / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts MFA exhibition

    2019-05-03 - 2019-05-19

    The Academy of Fine Arts Master exhibition is the final exhibition of a two-year long process of intensive discussions, research and work. For the young artists it is an opportunity to see, and show their work in the context of a museum. For the visitor it gives the chance of an insight into discourse within the field of contemporary art, the questioning of new materials and the evaluation of traditional ones.

  • Carl Johan De Geer / The Big Misconception

    2019-04-12 - 2019-09-15

    Innovative, provocative and brilliantly versatile, Carl Johan De Geer has worked as a visual artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer, scenographer and author. But Initially he wanted to be a textile designer. The exhibition is entirely devoted to De Geer's textile work and compiles a rich selection of fabrics, pattern sketches and documentary photographs.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Come Home Laila

    2019-03-15 - 2019-09-08

    In springtime every year, a jury selects the best Swedish picture book amongst last year's releases. This year, the prize goes to Eva Lindström's Kom hem Laila [Come home Laila], a warm and playful story about adventure and longing. The award winning picture book is showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • Ângela Ferreira / Pan African Unity Mural

    2018-11-16 - 2019-05-19

    Artist Ângela Ferreira (b. 1958 i Maputo/Mozambique and now based in Lisbon) focuses on traces of history, politics and ideology in environment and architecture. In her exhibition Pan African Unity Mural, she presents murals and sculptures in different spaces inside and outside Bildmuseet.

  • Entangle / Physics and the Artistic Imagination

    2018-11-16 - 2019-04-07

    Black holes, dark matter, gravity, space, time and motion – these are phenomena that fascinate scientists and artists alike. The exhibition presents art and design that addresses the science behind the fundamental forces that shape our world. Paintings, installations, fashion, architecture, sculpture, film, digital artworks and photography by fourteen internationally recognised artists.

  • William Kentridge / The Refusal of Time

    2018-10-12 - 2019-03-17

    The Refusal of Time is an evocative meditation on the nature of time. With allusions to Einstein's theory of relativity and his thought experiments, to space travel, Plato's Cave and silent movies, William Kentridge has created a touching and imaginative narrative on how we comprehend time. Music and soundscape: Philip Miller. Video editing: Catherine Meyburgh. Dramaturg: Peter Galison.

  • Room for Performance / Shift

    2018-09-07 - 2018-09-09

    Over an intense weekend at Bildmuseet and Norrlandsoperan, we fill our rooms with tought-provoking, political and poetic performances by artists and dancers from near and far.

  • Jochen Lempert / Sudden Spring

    2018-06-15 - 2018-10-21

    Jochen Lempert (f. 1958, Germany) is a trained biologist and has been working as an artist since the early 1990s, with black-and-white photography as his primary medium. Flocks of birds, insects, ocean waves or the interplay of light and shadow on foliage; he observes his motifs with the gaze of both a researcher and an artist. In 2017, Jochen Lempert received the prestigious Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography. This is his first solo exhibition in the Nordic countries.

  • Eco-Visionaries

    2018-06-15 - 2018-10-21

    The works in Eco-Visionaries present alternative approaches to, and ideas about the relationship between human beings and the environmental, social and mental ecologies – systems that are intrinsically linked and interactive. The participating artists propose more sustainable attitudes towards the place of human beings on this earth. The exhibition includes video works, drawings, sound, books and installations.

  • C.R.E.A.M. / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

    2018-05-04 - 2018-05-20

    This year’s exhibition by graduate students from the master’s programme at the Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University is entitled C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me). The title refers to a critical questioning of societal values and the possibilities to challenge their definition through artistic expression.

  • John Akomfrah / Purple

    2018-04-13 - 2018-09-16

    British artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah creates his most ambitious piece to date – an immersive six-channel video installation addressing climate change, human communities and the wilderness. Combining hundreds of hours of archival footage with newly shot film and a hypnotic sound score, Akomfrah brings a multitude of ideas into conversation.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2018-03-16 - 2018-09-09

    Fågeln i mig flyger vart den vill [The Bird Within Flies Wherever It Wants] by Sara Lundberg is named Swedish Picture Book of the Year. In conjunction to the award ceremony during Littfest, the book is showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • Dada is Dada

    2017-11-17 - 2018-05-20

    Dada is Dada presents paintings, drawings, documents, photography, collages, objects, sound recordings, and films from one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century. Dada began in 1916 in Zurich as a reaction to the conservative values of bourgeois society and conventional aesthetic ideals, to nationalism and the on-going First World War. In just a few years, the movement developed into a network of collaborations spread widely across the world, engaging more than 150 artists.

  • Do Ho Suh / Passages

    2017-11-17 - 2018-04-15

    Artist Do Ho Suh investigates architecture as both physical and psychological rooms. In the large Passage/s installation, the artist combines passages and corridors from the different homes he has lived in. In translucent textile structures, he gives form to experiences of mobility and change; crossing borders and moving between different mental spaces.

  • Amar Kanwar / The Sovereign Forest

    2017-10-20 - 2018-03-11

    In The Sovereign Forest, artist and film maker Amar Kanwar tells a story of exploitation and its consequences. Assisted by poetry and through films, texts, photographs, objects and an installation, Kanwar shows how the story also involves a fight for human rights, for justice and the preserving of knowledge and memory. The exhibition is a result of his collaboration with editor and activist Sudhir Pattnaik, and graphic designer and film maker Sherna Dastur.

  • Ana Mendieta / Covered in Time and History

    2017-06-18 - 2017-10-22

    Blood, fire, earth, water and her own body - Ana Mendieta's poetic and striking works from the 1970s and 1980s are a delicate balancing act between vulnerability and strength. Bildmuseet presents her captivating oeuvre through 21 films as well as a selection of photographs, graphic works and objects.

  • Roger Metto / Cryosphere

    2017-05-20 - 2017-10-29

    In a certain sense, Roger Metto is a landscape painter. His imagery, however, has both representative and abstract elements. Magnificent mountain ranges and deep valleys rendered in an extremely intense range of colours, with features from the mountains of northern Sweden and the Rockies, more closely resemble dreamland geographies. If human figures or buildings appear, they are small and insignificant against the backdrop of powerful landscapes.

  • Jumana Emil Abboud / The Horse, the Bird, the Tree and the Stone

    2017-05-20 - 2017-09-17

    Inspired by Palestinian folklore, Jumana Emil Abboud (b. 1971, Galilee) imparts new interpretations to stories and myths that she has collected. Through delicate paintings, poetic cinematography and oral performances, she explores personal and collective memories and what myths can tell us about ourselves, our history and the place where we live.

  • Fool's Gold / Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

    2017-05-06 - 2017-05-21

    This year’s exhibition by graduate students from the master’s programme at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts is entitled Fool’s Gold. The exhibition title refers to the beginning of a journey that involves a permanent questioning of what defines values and expression.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2017-03-17 - 2017-10-08

    The picture book Djur som ingen sett utom vi [Animals No One Has Seen Except Us] by illustrator Linda Bondestam and author Ulf Stark has been named the best Swedish picture book in 2016. Pictures from the book is showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • Perpetual Uncertainty

    2016-10-02 - 2017-04-16

    An extensive exhibition of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene exploring the complexity of knowledge and the deep time of radiation fills Bildmuseet. Perpetual Uncertainty brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and the deep time.

  • Room for Performance

    2016-09-13 - 2016-10-01

    In collaboration with Vita Kuben, Bildmuseet invites to a rich programme of performance art. It offers experiences of different types of performance and provides an insight into what goes on at the performance-scene today. It also includes films and lectures with some of the classics from the history of performance art, as well as contemporary performances.

  • Fouad Elkoury / The Greatest Day

    2016-06-12 - 2016-09-05

    In the video installation Le plus beau jour [The Greatest Day], photographer and film-maker Fouad Elkoury couples his own images, from various times and geographical locations, with the poem To Be in a Time of War by the Lebanese author and artist Etel Adnan.

  • Saara Ekström / Alchemy

    2016-06-12 - 2016-09-05

    Life and death, blooming and withering, attraction and repulsion challenge each other in Saara Ekström's provocative aesthetics. She brings together contrasting phenomena in unexpected, unsettling ways and questions culturally bound notions of what objects and materials symbolise. This exhibition presents a selection of the artist's latest works, based on her fascination with alchemical processes.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Digging for Fire

    2016-05-07 - 2016-05-22

    This year’s exhibition by the graduate students from the master programme at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts presents works by Corazon Belen, Chiara Bugatti, Elin Båve, Thomas Hansson, Ludvig Helin, Hanna Una Holmquist, Josef Jägnefält, Viktor Lindberg, Elin Tui Lund, Jennifer Myerscough, Jakob Westberg and Samuel Åhlman.

  • Charles and Ray Eames

    2016-04-17 - 2016-09-05

    Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers of the 20th century. Together they moved fluidly between the fields of photography, film, architecture, exhibition-making, and furniture and product design. The exhibition includes furniture, products, models and multi-media installations, as well as personal letters, photographs, drawings and artwork.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2016-03-20 - 2016-08-28

    The picture book "Småkrypsboll" [Bugball] by Tove Pierrou and Joanna Hellgren is recognised as the Swedish Picture Book of the Year. Illustations and original drawings from the book will be showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet, in conjunction to the winner being announced at Littfest – Umeå International Literature Festival 2016.

  • Nisrine Boukhari / Wanderism is a State of Mind

    2015-11-22 - 2016-03-27

    Nisrine Boukhari’s art is inspired by psychogeography: theories about how geographical environments affect people’s emotions and behaviour. Using everyday objects and principles of colour and light therapy, her work may remind us of the home of someone we know, but it is actually about people’s inner spaces and uncertainties in a changing world.

  • The World was Flat

    2015-11-22 - 2016-03-27

    The world was flat, now it's round, and it will be a hologram. The exhibition The World was Flat shows contemporary art that engages with ideas about time and space. Addressing the power of astrology, or the shaman as a conduit between the rational and the supernatural, but also humankind's desire for order and logical explanations for all phenomena.

  • Julio Le Parc / Lumière

    2015-11-22 - 2016-04-17

    Julio Le Parc experiments with the experience of art and its environment. Using simple, reflective material, he creates large, spectacular and entrancing light installations. Using lenses and built-in motors, light is set in motion. Julio Le Parc lives in France and was one of the founders of the influential Groupe Recherche d'Art Visuel (GRAV) in Paris in the 1960s.

  • John Akomfrah / Vertigo Sea

    2015-10-25 - 2016-01-17

    John Akomfrah's new three-screen film installation Vertigo Sea forms a meditation on man’s relationship with the sea: on the role of the sea for migration, in war and conflict, for the history of slavery and colonization. It is a narrative on man and nature, on beauty, violence and on the precariousness of life.

  • Mien Meo Mieng / Contemporary Art from Vietnam

    2015-06-14 - 2015-11-01

    The group exhibition Mien Meo Mieng presents video, painting, sculpture and installations by 14 contemporary artists who live and work in Vietnam. The works concern such topics as the aftermath of war, freedom of expression, economic conditions, migration and the general vulnerability of the Vietnamese society.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2015

    2015-05-16 - 2015-05-31

    The annual graduation exhibition of the students from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. After five years of education students display selected works in a group exhibition.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2015-03-15 - 2015-08-30

    The award for the best Swedish picture book of the year recognises the picture book as an artistic medium. The winner will be announced at the Umeå International Literature Festival - Littfest 2015 - and showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • The Spaces Between

    2015-02-22 - 2015-05-31

    The Spaces Between addresses the social and economic reality that has taken shape in Cuba in recent years. The exhibition presents fourteen artists living in the dynamic and complex capital, Havana.

  • Uglycute / Hamnmagasinet

    2014-11-22 - 2014-12-07

    During autumn 2014, the artists and architects collective Uglycute worked together with a group of creative youths at Hamnmagasinet – a youth center in Umeå. Together they developed ideas and created new furniture for activities at Hamnmagasinet. The result was on display during two weeks at Bildmuseet.

  • Campanas / Woods

    2014-11-02 - 2015-02-08

    The Brazilian design duo Fernando and Humberto Campana are known for their colourful, wilful, and experimental furniture influenced by traditional handicrafts. The Campanas are now being presented in Sweden for the first time; they are creating an entirely new site-specific installation for Bildmuseet.

  • Anders Sunna / Area Infected

    2014-11-02 - 2015-02-01

    For his painting, Anders Sunna gathers subject matter from history and his personal experience. Frequently, the subject is a lengthy conflict played out between the family, the Sami village and the county administration. At Bildmuseet, he presents a new painting about a forcible removal and the practice of guerrilla reindeer herding as a survival strategy.

  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / A Draft of Shadows

    2014-11-02 - 2015-04-26

    Artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer works with robot-controlled light and sound, radio waves, motion sensors, film projections, animations in real time and location-specific sounds and voices. As a visitor in his large-scale installations, you are invited to be a co-creator. With the help of your movements and heartbeats, the work takes on its own life outside of the artist's control.

  • Geir Tore Holm / Fughetta

    2014-10-12 - 2015-02-01

    During the dark season, Geir Tore Holm presents a work of light in the Bildmuseet entrance hall. He's interested in household management and sustainable lifestyles, and his work refers to two conditions that have been of great significance for humans' survival in the North - reindeer meat and light.

  • FFB / Searching for Smooth Space

    2014-09-07 - 2014-11-02

    The Norwegian architect collective Felleskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen works on location-specific projects around the world. After careful investigation, they stage an architectural intervention. Prior to their project for Bildmuseet, Searching for Smooth Space, the members of the collective - Joar Nango, Eystein Talleraas and Håvard Arnhoff - looked closely at Umeå's public places and reflected on how they were used.

  • Right is Wrong

    2014-06-08 - 2014-10-12

    The exhibition Right is Wrong / Four Decades of Chinese Art from the M+ Sigg Collection presents the emergence of contemporary art in China. Starting in the 1970’s and with groups of artists such as No Name group and The Star group, via the events in Tiananmen Square in 1989, we follow developments up to today’s prolific art scene.

  • Carola Grahn / Vidderna ropa

    2014-05-25 - 2014-09-07

    This natural environment has taken over the terrace outside of Bildmuseet. There stands a dying pine, and from speakers a melancholy yoik of the Sami people, a thundering reindeer herd and the barking of dogs are heard. Carola Grahn's site-specific sound installation Vidderna ropa [A cry from the expanses] marks the Sami presence in the landscape.

  • Liselotte Wajstedt / The Lost One

    2014-05-25 - 2014-09-07

    In the installation The Lost One, Liselotte Wajstedt creates a tender narrative about her grandmother. She examines a personal history and discovers connections to her own life. The work also reflects several profoundly universal questions and ideas about life. The piece consists of a film, an oral narrative, a photograph and a kolt. The narrative tells the story of a beloved grandmother and her revolutionary life choices.

  • Contemporary Self-Portraits

    2014-05-08 - 2014-06-08

    Over a period of two years Bildmuseet has collaborated with Colleges of Art in Estonia, Finland, Ireland and Latvia in order to draw up a relevant pedagogical methodology relating to self-portraits. In this exhibition we are showing photography, sculpture, collage and a slideshow based on material produced in workshops held at five locations in Europe.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Cultural Capital

    2014-05-03 - 2014-05-18

    Bildmuseet has a long tradition of hosting the exhibition of the graduating master class from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. This year's exhibition is titled Cultural Capital and shows work by fourteen Master of Fine Arts graduates

  • Per Enoksson / The Forest in Me

    2014-03-30 - 2014-06-15

    Per Enoksson artistry includes both figurative and non-figurative art, and he is also working to develop his own design. His project at Bildmuseet is a three-dimensional installation that occupies the outdoor environment at Bildmuseet, including wood, textiles, lighting and sound.

  • Shahzia Sikander / Parallax

    2014-03-30 - 2014-05-18

    Bildmuseet is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Shahzia Sikander’s work in Scandinavia. Focusing on her recent production, the exhibition presents Sikander’s video installation Parallax as well as several drawings. Parallax is comprised of hundreds of tiny drawings that have been digitally animated. The animation deals with the history of maritime trade in the Strait of Hormuz, particularly the fraught history of imperial control.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2014-03-16 - 2014-05-04

    Anna Höglund's Om detta talar man endast med kaniner (Topics of which you only speak with rabbits) is recognised as the Swedish Picture Book of the Year. It will be showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet, in conjunction to the winner being announced at Littfest – Umeå International Literature Festival 2014.

  • Marja Helander / Silence

    2014-02-23 - 2014-04-27

    Marja Helander's works often revolve around her own identity in the borderland between Finnish and Sami culture as well as the encounter between contemporary and traditional culture. Her work for Bildmuseet is a series of photographs in which she explores the idea of nature's soul and what a sacred place can be.

  • Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán

    2014-01-31 - 2014-04-20

    Can sorrow be inherited? This is the question that artist Katarina Pirak Sikku asks in her project on Swedish racial biology’s studies of the Sámi population. Her exhibition, in which she gives a new perspective on the history of Swedish science, can be seen at Bildmuseet in 2014.

  • Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas?

    2014-01-31 - 2014-05-11

    Leonor Fini began her career in 1930s Paris, where she was part of the circle of the surrealists and participated in their exhibitions. Her evocative and personal art challenged by questioning the line between feminine and masculine, myth and reality, consciousness and the unconscious - a versatile artist who is now presented for the first time in the Nordic countries. The exhibition at Bildmuseet features paintings, drawings, book illustrations, text, film and costume sketches for theater and opera.

  • Andreas Johansson / Place Position

    2014-01-19 - 2014-02-16

    Andreas Johansson's images of desolate, abandoned places, environments that we all feel that we recognize. For Bildmuseet he creates a new work - an illusory three-dimensional landscape constructed as a collage of photographs cut apart.

  • Thilo Frank /

    2014-01-19 - 2014-03-16

    Thilo Frank's poetic and playful installations givs the viewer an opportunity to explore their experiences of light, space and movement. The room installation The Phoenix is closer than it appears invites the viewer to participate. Circumpolar Lantern, is a newly produced site-specific work, refering to celestial objects that never sets below the horizon.

  • Stéphane Couturier

    2013-11-24 - 2014-01-05

    Since the early 1990s, Stéphane Couturier has photographed buildings in large cities. He sees the city as an unstable and dynamic architectural landscape, a living organism entangled in endless root systems that continually seems to elude the human desire to control and plan.

  • Joan Jonas / Reanimation

    2013-10-25 - 2013-10-25

    As a part of the programme for the exhibition Theatrical Fields, Joan Jonas performed Reanimation with jazz pianist Jason Moran. Joan Jonas is a pioneer within video art and performance. She often creates her works based on literary references and preferably in cross-boundary collaborations with other artists.

  • Theatrical Fields

    2013-09-29 - 2014-01-05

    Theatrical Fields explores theatricality in performance, film and video. The exhibition presents video installations by Judith Barry, Stan Douglas, Marcel Dzama, Joan Jonas, Isaac Julien and Constanze Ruhm. Joan Jonas gives the performance Reanimation in cooperation with jazz pianist Jason Moran. The exhibition also includes a program of films by Marie Louise Ekman, Eva Meyer / Eran Schaerf and Ulrike Ottinger. The exhibition is produced by Bildmuseet and curated by Ute Meta Bauer.

  • Owl Project

    2013-08-15 - 2013-09-15

    Inspired by woodwork, hobby electronics and open source technology Owl Project creates innovative and sculptural music objects. In the combination of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship, the instruments can be understood as a critique of wear-and-throw technology and a comment on the interaction between man and machine.

  • Jacob Hashimoto / Superabundant Atmosphere

    2013-06-02 - 2013-10-13

    Jacob Hashimoto’s artwork embodies his fascination with the intersections of painting and sculpture; abstraction and landscape. Bildmuseet presents Superabundant Atmosphere, which is an installation of thousands of ellipses made from bamboo and silk hanging from the ceiling by distinctly black threads.

  • Agnès Varda

    2013-06-02 - 2013-08-18

    Already with her first film, Agnès Varda (b. 1928) established herself as an important figure in French cinema. Bildmuseet is showing a selection of documentary projects from the 60s and 70s, as well as newer works that display the boundary-transcending way in which Agnès Varda moves between the cinema theatre and the gallery showroom.

  • Felice Varini / Nine Arcs Dancing

    2013-05-19 - 2014-01-05

    Felice Varini uses architecture and the space he is in as a starting point when creating his site-specific paintings on façades, walls and streets. The paintings may be difficult to detect at first, but when moving around shapes will appear before the eyes of the beholder. Felice Varini is creating two one site-specific piece for Bildmuseet inside the museum.

  • Comics of the North

    2013-05-18 - 2013-10-13

    Comic books are an independent artistic expression that combines literature, art and visual storytelling. Some comic artists are dedicated to the free narrative, others create autobiographical and almost documentary comic books.

  • Academy of Fine Arts / Farewell, my Lovely

    2013-05-04 - 2013-05-19

    Bildmuseet has a long tradition of arranging an annual exhibition for the graduating class from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. After five years of training, the students display their artwork in a joint exhibition before they enter the professional life as artists. In this year’s exhibition, we present fourteen graduate students who work in different media and with different artistic expressions.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year

    2013-03-16 - 2013-05-05

    A newly established award recognises the picture book as an artistic medium. The winner will be announced and the award will be presented at the Umeå international literature festival. The book will then be showcased in an exhibition at Bildmuseet. During the same period, we will also have a picture book theme in our picture workshop for all ages.

  • Reynier Leyva Novo / El polvo, la sangre, el sueño común

    2013-02-24 - 2013-05-26

    With a great interest in the history of his country, Reynier Leyva Novo explores, questions and stages different versions of Cuba’s past. He focuses in particular on the period around the liberation from Spain in 1898. One work consists of casts of weapons used in various battles, another consists of a number of perfumes named after generals and the places where they led their troops.

  • Rawiya / She who tells a story

    2013-02-24 - 2013-05-19

    Rawiya is a group of female photographers from the Middle East that work on the subject of human dignity and pay particular attention to the lives of women. Through in-depth photo-essays, they tell stories about human experiences, the consequences of war and of the Egyptian revolution.

  • Soviet Mythology in Latvian Art

    2013-01-27 - 2013-04-21

    Soviet Mythology in Latvian Art is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the period 1945-1985. Art was strictly regulated and the job of the artist was to articulate the ideals of communism. The myths that were formulated were about the happy Soviet society and the sense of duty, diligence and bravery of the Soviet people.

  • Daniel Canogar / Quadratura

    2013-01-27 - 2013-04-21

    The rapid technical development of the film medium is an inspiration for the Spanish artist Daniel Canogar. His installations make new use of celluloid 35 mm film, VHS tapes and analogue television screens. The piece Sikka Magnum, which was specially produced for Bildmuseet, consists of over two hundred DVDs.

  • Signs of Conflict

    2012-12-16 - 2013-02-03

    The exhibition Signs of Conflict displays political posters that were produced by the various factions, political parties and movements in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990.

  • Threads / A Mobile Sewing Circle

    2012-12-15 - 2013-01-06

    Threads / A Mobile Sewing Circle is an exhibition and workshop created by its participants. The exhibition becomes a meeting place where visitors are welcome to embroider text messages by hand and with the help of a reprogrammed sewing machine. The text, a volatile message, is immortalized in embroidery. Bring clothes, tablecloths, towels or anything else you want to embroider.

  • Eve Morgenstern / Facades of Crises

    2012-11-18 - 2013-01-20

    Over the past two years photographer and filmmaker Eve Morgenstern has been working for the American government to document the consequences of the housing crises. In her series, Facades of Crises Eve Morgenstern has portrayed these abandoned homes.

  • Communitas

    2012-11-18 - 2013-02-10

    Communitas provides examples of artists’ and architects’ visionary ideas about possible future cities. Experimental strategies and playful interactions are presented.

  • Francesco Jodice / Spectaculum Spectatoris

    2012-11-16 - 2012-12-09

    Spectaculum Spectatorisis the archive of Italian artist Fracesco Jodices of today’s museum visitors, the part of humanity that brings life to art in museums all over the world. Hundreds of human scale film portraits compose the video installation. Beginning during Umeå light festival, the artist’s portraits of Bildmuseet’s visitors are displayed on the windows of the building.

  • Henning Larsen Architects

    2012-10-28 - 2012-11-25

    Danish Henning Larsen Architects has offices in several cities and projects in over twenty locations worldwide. The exhibition presents the architects’ methods and procedures

  • Dayanita Singh / The adventures of a photographer

    2012-10-14 - 2013-01-13

    Dayanita Singh is one of India’s most influential photographers. Her magical visual essays are now presented in an extensive solo show at Bildmuseet, the first comprehensive presentation of her work in the Nordic countries.

  • Nanna Johansson / Comics

    2012-10-14 - 2012-12-02

    In her satirical images and texts Nanna Johansson pokes fun at stereotypical gender roles and ideals depicted in popular culture and advertising. Her black humour shows the confusing world that a young person faces today.

  • Disobedience Archive / The Parliament

    2012-06-20 - 2012-09-09

    Disobedience Archive (The Parliament) is a user’s guide to the geography of civil disobedience, from Italy 1977’s social struggles to global protests, through to the current insurrections in the Middle East and
the Arab world. Disobedience Archive (The Parliament) is curated by Marco Scotini and displayed in The Parliament by Celine Condorelli.

  • Björn Berg / Not a Day Without a Line Drawn

    2012-06-20 - 2012-09-02

    Björn Berg (1923-2008) is the artist behind some of Sweden's best known and most beloved book illustrations. He is known for Astrid Lindgren's books about Emil in Lönneberga and Alf Prøysen's about Mrs. Pepperpot. This exhibition focuses on Björn Berg's fairytale world.

  • Kirunatopia / In the Shadows of the Future

    2012-06-20 - 2012-10-28

    A group exhibition of artworks emerging from the diverse and transforming location of Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, where a group of international artists have been invited to work and research on site. The developed works respond to issues specific to the area, such as the ongoing transformation and relocation of the city, the local LKAB mining company, historical developments and relationships within Sami culture.

  • Mario Merz / What Is to Be Done

    2012-06-20 - 2012-09-30

    Mario Merz was associated with Arte Povera, a group of Italian artists in the 1960s who turned away from artistic convention in favour of openness and materials that could undermine entrenched assumptions and actively engage with processes of the physical and social world. This is the first presentation of the artist’s work in Sweden in thirty years.

  • Umeå Institute of Design / What if ...

    2012-05-19 - 2012-06-06

    Umeå Institute of Design's exhibition What if ... is about collaboration, innovation, user-centered design, which is what their education focuses on.

  • Umeå School of Architecture / Work in Progress

    2012-05-19 - 2012-06-06

    In the exhibition Work in Progress, Umeå School of Architecture gives an insight into how structure, materials, light, motion and activity are used in the creation of architectural space.

  • Academy of Fine Arts / Twenty Twelve (as we know it)

    2012-05-19 - 2012-06-06

    Twenty Twelve (As We Know It) is the title of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts’ graduation exhibition 2012. We will meet a diversity of perspectives and languages as the fresh graduates present themselves. Curators of the exhibition are Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh.

  • Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Eva Lindström's Apan och jag

    2012-05-19 - 2012-06-10

    Eva Lindström’s Apan och jag [Monkey and Me] received the honorable mention as best Swedish picture book of the year 2011 and is now presented in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • Bildmuseet 30 years!

    2011-10-25 - 2011-11-20

    For 30 years Bildmuseet has produced and shown lots of big, small, wonderful, challenging and high profile exhibitions and invited the world art to Umeå. Before our re-launch on the Umeå Arts Campus we will have a look in the rearview mirror.

  • Tracey Rose: Waiting for God

    2011-09-25 - 2011-11-20

    Waiting for God is the South African artist's first large scale solo exhibition with a selection of works from the last 15 years. Her performance-based practice is represented through major examples of her photographs and video work, as well as in a broad archive of live performance works.

  • Edith Marie Pasquier: 13 983 birds

    2011-06-06 - 2011-09-04

    London based artist Edith Marie Pasquier works with moving image, photography, sound and text installations. Wild birds and animals are her subject and she presents a philosophical and performative enquiry into our relationship with the wild and nature. In this, her first major solo show, she will include a number of new works produced in Sweden.

  • Spare Time

    2011-06-06 - 2011-09-04

    The Spare Time exhibition explores the concept of spare time and the impact of recreational activities. Spare Time is one of three exhibitions that open at Bildmuseet on monday June 6th, the Swedish national day.

  • Everybody is Entitled to Security

    2011-06-06 - 2011-09-04

    A professor has told children of different ages about his research on brain tumours. With the help of the artists at Kulturverket, the children’s thoughts about the research have been transformed into art. The exhibition Alla har rätt till trygghet (Everybody is Entitled to Security) at Bildmuseet this summer contains film, music, pictures, dance and performance.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2011

    2011-05-07 - 2011-05-22

    Once again the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts fills Bildmuseet with two degree exhibition shows. In the Master of Fine Arts exhibition of 2011, works by thirteen newly graduated artists are presented, covering various aspects of art and society in a multitude of contemporary medias. The bachelor students, graduating after three years of study, opens Gallery Carlsson Svensson Contemporary downstairs.

  • See Chemistry

    2011-02-19 - 2011-04-25

    Nature and life's smallest building blocks often form beautiful patterns. The images are also an important tool in chemical research to understand the world around us. The exhibition SE KEMI! (English: See chemistry!) shows current chemical research at Umeå University in a different way.

  • Walid Raad - Miraculous Beginnings

    2011-02-19 - 2011-04-25

    Bildmuseet presents the first major Swedish exhibition of US-Lebanese artist, Walid Raad. One of the most important artists from the Middle East, Raad says his work ‘was in some ways made possible by the civil wars in Lebanon’. He playfully considers the effects of conflict not only on body and mind, but also on art itself. The exhibition Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings presents his most important works from the past 20 years.

  • Ingo Vetter & Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop – Motor Show

    2010-11-21 - 2011-01-30

    For the last ten years Ingo Vetter has visited Detroit regularly for research, artistic production and to take extended photo series. Motor Show exhibition at Bildmuseet brings together a number of these series and assembles them around a central installation of car tires and ladders.

  • Anneli Furmark: Mindmap

    2010-11-21 - 2011-01-30

    A modest still life is often the starting point in Anneli Furmark’s watercolour paintings, but in combination with recurring images and notes from her personal sketchbook the motifs grows into imaginative and humorous worlds, where images and words merge into a poetic entity

  • Sara Jordenö: Diamond people – Instructions for a Film

    2010-11-21 - 2011-01-30

    The diamond factory in Robertsfors is the starting point in Sara Jordenö's project Diamond People – Instructions for a Film, which will be on exhibition at Bildmuseet. In film, photography, drawings and poetry she presents the strong connections between this small town and diamond industries in South Africa and China.

  • Zineb Sedira: Under the Sky and Over the Sea 2010-09-19 - 2010-10-31

    Dreamlike imagery and elaborate soundscapes characterize the work visual artist Zineb Sedira. Through poetic meditations in video and photography she explores transitional conditions – of being in and between continents, languages, remembered pasts and imagined futures.

  • Everybody is Entitled - What is Important for a Good Life? 2010-06-06 - 2010-09-05

    What’s important for your life to be a good life? Kulturverket asked children in Sweden and Italy and the answer was prompt. A house and a home and of course, the people, the things and the animals that go with it. The answer came from the youngest children but became the topic for all the children in the project.

  • eNORMt – a Photo Project 2010-06-06 - 2010-07-04

    The exhibition eNORMt is the result of an educational project that has been going on during the spring term of 2010. A group of young people have in their spare time been working with photography, based on the theme of normalcy and security.

  • Pia Arke: Tupilakosaurus 2010-06-06 - 2010-09-05

    With the premature death of Greenlandic-Danish artist Pia Arke (1958-2007), the Nordic region lost one of its few, perhaps primary, postcolonial practitioners. For more than two decades, Arke developed an innovative form of artistic research, with which she examined the Danish-Greenlandic colonial history.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2010 2010-05-08 - 2010-05-23

    Umeå Academy of Fine Arts opens two degree exhibitions at Bildmuseet: MAKING PUBLIC Bachelor of Fine Arts 2010

  • Liselott Wajstedt: Árvas och Faces 2010-03-06 - 2010-03-14

    Árvas - A woman finds colourful companionship on her drive through the bleak and magical landscape of Northern Sweden. Faces - It is Samis whose faces are like landscapes, faces integrated in the lanscape so that they are a part of a bigger entity.

  • Lost and Found – Queerying the Archive 2010-01-31 - 2010-04-25

    How can we create an archive of the private memories of gender, love and sexuality that have been erased by official archives and excluded from the writing of history? How do we record and store feelings and intimacy? In the exhibition Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive these issues are addressed from queer perspectives through art works offering alternative histories and reworked archives.

  • Maria Miesenberger: Sverige/Schweden 2009-10-04 - 2010-01-17

    This autumn Bildmuseet is offering a large-scale presentation of the work of Maria Miesenberger. The exhibition includes the first complete presentation ever of her photographic project, Sweden / Schweden, Miesenbergers evocative journey in the universe of family photographs.

  • Open Source Embroidery 2009-06-06 - 2009-09-20

    The Open Source Embroidery exhibition presents artworks that use embroidery and code as a tool for participatory production and distribution.

  • Oscar Muñoz 2009-06-06 - 2009-09-20

    Oscar Muñoz is internationally recognized and one of today’s most prominent artists from the Americas. His poetically charged works, often approaching a kind of sensual or perceptual riddles or revelations, involves issues regarding the most fundamental existence and meaning of images in human culture – images and memory, images and identity, images and absence or death.

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2009 2009-05-10 - 2009-05-24

    Umeå Academy of Fine Arts opens two degree exhibitions at Bildmuseet: It's About Time, Masters of Fine Arts, Graduate Show 2009 Light Club, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graduate Show 2009

  • Britta Marakatt-Labba: Cosmos 2009-02-22 - 2009-04-26

    Bildmuseet presents Britta Marakatt-Labba in the most ambitious exhibition, Cosmos, to date with her art. Over 50 works have been loaned from Swedish and Norwegian collections. One of these is the recently completed 24 meter long embroidery narrating the history of the Sami people, normally on permanent display at the University of Tromsø.

  • Magnus Bard: Drawing the Present 2009-02-22 - 2009-04-26

    Artist and illustrator Magnus Bard, wellknown from his pointed and thought-provoking political satires in the national newspaper Dagens Nyheter and from many book illustrations, presents drawings, collages and sketches.

  • Florian Zeyfang: Slow Narration Moving Still 2009-02-22 - 2009-04-26

    An extensive engagement with experimental film and video characterizes the work of German artist Florian Zeyfang. Slow Narration Moving Still, Zeyfang’s solo exhibition at Bildmuseet, is the first large-scale presentation of his art to a Swedish audience.

  • The Map: Navigating the Present 2008-10-12 - 2009-02-08

    The Map: Navigating the Present is a genuinely trans-disciplinary and intercultural event engaging human culture’s possibly most fascinating, sophisticated and diverse means of knowing and navigating the world, i.e. the map.

  • Jean-François Boclé / I Did Not Discover America 2008-06-08 - 2008-09-21

    The first more comprehensive European survey presentation of the oeuvre of Jean-François Boclé. The exhibition provides an important overview of the characteristics of Boclés art – the wide range of media employed, the presence of precise and challenging topics, the relationship with a colonial past and a post-colonial present and the exquisite and delicate marriage of politics and poetry.

  • Nomad by Heart: Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden 2008-06-08 - 2008-08-24

    Modern notions of nomadic cultures unite the works of 18 artists that are shown in the exhibition Nomad by heart - Contemporary Art from Mongolia and Sweden.The nomadic lifestyle’s endlessly shifting material and intellectual premises in the global society are explored in video, dance, photography and installations among other medias

  • Joachim Schmid / Photoworks 1982–2007 2008-02-03 - 2008-04-27

    Berlin based artist Joachim Schmid does not photograph himself. Nevertheless, few people have seen as many photographs as he has, and few have delved into the culture, experience and expression of the photographic image with such meticulousness and insight as he has. Bildmuseet’s Joachim Schmid exhibition is a comprehensive and multi-facetted exploration into our peculiar life with photographs.

  • Rosa Barba / Outwardly from Earth’s Center 2008-02-03 - 2008-04-27

    The short film Outwardly from Earth’s Center by the German-Italian filmmaker and artist, Rosa Barba, may be described as a documentary fantasy, a poetic depiction of a fictitious course of events partly based in reality. The venue is the Swedish island of Gotska Sandön, which, de facto, moves towards the north, away from Gotland, at the speed of a metre a year. The film depicts the persevering islanders’ arduous attempts to stop the drifting of their island.

  • Ursula Biemann 2007-11-25 - 2008-01-20

    Ursula Biemann, an artist, theorist and curator, has in recent years produced a considerable body of work on migration, mobility, technology and gender. Her video projects have been represented in a series of international exhibitions, as well as in several books. Bildmuseet exhibits the video projects “Sahara Chronicle”, “Black Sea Files” and “Contained Mobility.”

  • Game Art 2007-11-25 - 2008-01-20

    Computer games are one of today's leading popular cultural product. The exhibition Game Art shows how artists work with the aesthetics and the culture of computer games.

  • Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City 2007-11-25 - 2008-01-20

    In connection with the exhibition Game Art a group of students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, shows the development of the game Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City. The game, which is still at the production stage, contains screenshots, sketches, games, examples and animations. It also shows Rorschach, a game by Jens Andersson with art by Ida Roden.

  • Exhibitions 2007

    2007-01-01 - 2007-12-31