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School Visits for all Ages

Bildmuseet offers free programmes for all age groups, from preschoolers to adult students. In the school programme, your class gets to meet exciting, interesting and current topics through contemporary art. The programme is always based on one of our exhibitions and is led by an art educator. We adapt the visit to the group and want to open up to new experiences and perspectives through the art experience, creation and conversation.

Within the municipality of Umeå, it is also possible to book a free bus to the visit. Read more about how to do this under "Before your visit".

Guided tour, creative workshop or digital tour

Option 1: Guided tour and creative workshop
A guided tour combined with a creative workshop in the visual workshop under the supervision of our art educators. Time required approx. 2 hours.

Option 2: Guided tour
Only a guided tour of the current exhibition combined with a conversation with your group. Time required approx. 1 hour.

Option 3: Digital tour
We offer school visits in digital form for junior high school, high school, and adult groups who find it difficult to get to Bildmuseet and participate physically. Time required approx. 1 hour. Read more under "Digital school visit".

Upcoming school programme. Book here

Offered from August 28  - October 27 

Down North / Contemporary Art in the Arctic  
The exhibition presents 21st-century art from an unprecedented cross-section of thirty artists living in Maine, the Canadian Maritimes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark as Indigenous Nations throughout the region. Artists are modern-day explorers, investigating poignant themes and capitalizing on art’s emotional impact and narrative potential as a catalyst for change. Climate and environmental changes, and a difficult history of colonialization of Indigenous peoples, have generated new works of art that address a cascading series of social, economic, political, and ecological challenges throughout the region.  

In the school programme, we explore the themes and questions that the art raises.  In the creative workshop, we work with mono printing to create images that depict our history and the places we live in. 

Between weeks 40-42, Art Teacher students from Umeå University lead the school programme together with us.

For booking requests, email us: konstped.bildmuseet@umu.se

Digital school visit

For groups who find it difficult to get to Bildmuseet, we of course offer school visits in digital form.

Upcoming schools programme

Plan your visit to Bildmuseet with your school. Here's our upcoming schools programme.

Plan your visit

Everything you need to know to plan your school visit to Bildmuseet. Please read this before your visit.

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