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Upcoming schools programme

Offered August 27 – October 24
This fall’s school program takes inspiration from the exhibition Eight Degrees / Contemporary Art on the Forest.

What is a forest? What is your relationship to the forest? In this school program, we explore the significance of the forest through discussions and creative activities using various materials and artistic techniques. Together, we will look at the exhibition Eight Degrees / Contemporary Art on the Forest, which invites us to reflect on our complex relationship with the forest. The exhibition presents diverse experiences through photography, film, sculpture, drawing, textile, sound, and installation, raising questions about issues such as land conflicts, biodiversity, and the forest as a sacred place.

Booking times are Tuesday-Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 (Fridays are guided tours only). Groups of more than 20 people are welcome to book two separate visits.

You are welcome to book now.

Latest update: 2024-06-24