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Open today: 12-17
Free admission
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Creative Workshop

Saturday + Sunday = creative drop-in workshop for all ages! Our art educators and creative workshop hosts help you get started. 

 Everyone is welcome to the creative workshop regardless of experience and age. Children, young people and adults create together. The themes and techniques are always inspired from one of the current exhibitions, and can always be adapted according to ability.

Weekends and school holidays between 12.00–16.00.
Free admission.

The topic right now:
From September 3, we work inspired by Nancy Holt´s exhibition Inside Outside. In different stations, we let Holt's artistry and her way of exploring and experimenting with different media and expressions inspire us. We examine ways of seeing, memory, and how we move in our surroundings.

Join us and contribute to the collective wall of individual maps and significant places that emerges during the weekend workshops. 

Family Tours

Experience and be inspired by art together with your family. (Language: Swedish)

Book a Group Tour

Welcome to book a private tour with family, friends, association members or work colleagues.

Experience the art together

Upptäcksfärden is for children, young people and adults who want to explore art together.