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What Do We Need Art For?

Bildmuseet turns 40! To celebrate Bildmuseet’s 40th anniversary, we invite you to join a digital forum on our website on Friday–Sunday, October 29–31, 2021. You will meet artists, curators, researchers, authors, musicians, dramatists and other specially invited guests answering the question: What do we need art for?


FRIDAY 29/10 
13:00 Katarina Pierre 
Curator and director of Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Umeå 
Language: Swedish
14:00 Katarina Pirak Sikku 
Artist, Jokkmokk 
Language: Swedish 
15:00 Gavin Butt 
Researcher in visual culture, performance and queer studies, 
Professor of Fine Arts, Northumbria University, Newcastle  
Language: English
16:00 Stina Oscarson 
Dramatist, theatre director and author, Stockholm 
Language: Swedish 

17:00 John Akomfrah 
Artist and filmmaker, London 
Language: English 
SATURDAY 30/10  
13:00 Cedric Nunn  
Photographer and documentary filmmaker, Mangethe 
Language: English 
14:00 Maria Lind 
Curator, art critic and Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden, Moscow 
Language: Swedish 
15:00 Sofia Jannok and Dennis Lyxzén 
Musicians, Umeå and Vännäs 
Language: Swedish 
16:00 Tone Olaf Nielsen 
Curator, writer and co-founder Trampoline House and its exhibition space  
CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics, Copenhagen 
Language: English 
17:00 Jumana Emil Abboud 
Artist, Jerusalem 
Language: English 
SUNDAY 31/10 
13:00 Mats Caldeborg  
Artist and Artistic Director of Konsthall Norra Kvarken, Järnäsklubb 
Language: Swedish 
14:00 Lars Strannegård 
President of the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm 
Language: Swedish 
15:00 Grada Kilomba 
Artist, philosopher and writer, Berlin 
Language: English 
16:00 Antonia Alampi  
Curator, researcher, writer and Artistic Director for Spore Initiative, Berlin 
Language: English 
17:00 Naeem Mohaiemen 
Artist and filmmaker New York 
Language: English 

What Do We Need Art For? / Programme 29–31 October 2021

Fri 29 Oct, 13:00 / Katarina Pierre, Umeå

Welcome by the director of Bildmuseet and host of the anniversary forum What Do We Need Art For?.

Fri 29 Oct, 14:00 / Katarina Pirak Sikku, Jokkmokk

Artist Katarina Pirak Sikku gives a personal account of art’s significance for herself and people around her.

Fri 29 Oct, 15:00 / Gavin Butt, Newcastle

Professor Gavin Butt considers the history of "art-pop" music and the world-making capacities of art today.

Fri 29 Oct, 16:00 / Stina Oscarson, Stockholm

Dramatist and writer Stina Oscarson talks about the importance of art in reminding us that we are human.

Fri 29 Oct, 17:00 / John Akomfrah, London

Artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah answers the posed question in conversation with director Katarina Pierre.

Sat 30 Oct, 13:00 / Cedric Nunn, Mangethe

South African photographer Cedric Nunn talks about the context in which he is a politically active artist.

Sat 30 Oct, 14:00 / Maria Lind, Moscow

Curator Maria Lind on contemporary art as a form of understanding and tool for relating to existence.

Sat 30 Oct, 15:00 / Sofia Jannok, Umeå, & Dennis Lyxzén, Vännäs

Musicians Sofia Jannok and Dennis Lyxzén on what art and culture have meant in their lives.

Sat 30 Oct, 16:00 / Tone Olaf Nielsen, Copenhagen

Curator Tone Olaf Nielsen discusses artistic and curatorial responses to the refugee crisis.

Sat 30 Oct, 17:00 / Jumana Emil Abboud, Jerusalem

Artist Jumana Emil Abboud performs a reading about walking in the Palestinian landscape.

Sun 31 Oct, 13:00 / Mats Caldeborg, Järnäsklubb

Artist Mats Caldeborg reflects on the significance of art and the human ability for abstract thinking.

Sun 31 Oct, 15:00 / Grada Kilomba, Berlin

Artist Grada Kilomba gives her answer to the question posed in a conversation with director Katarina Pierre.

Sun 31 Oct, 16:00 / Antonia Alampi, Berlin

Curator and director Antonia Alampi addresses the multifaceted roles that art and cultural practices play.

Sun 31 Oct, 17:00 / Naeem Mohaiemen, New York

As his contribution to the online forum, Naeem Mohaimen shows us the new film work Against Regret (23 min).

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