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Open today: 12-17
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Curators Words

This exhibition borrows its title from the 1984 song Live is Life by Austrian one-hit wonders Opus. The song is notable for the kind of crazed optimism that characterised the era in which it was released. As I listen to the song today, in 2022, in the world that has emerged over the course of those 38 years, it appears nothing short of idiotic.

And yet, it grows on you. After ten listens, I embrace the sentiment, desperately imagining that all is well, that everything will be fine. My wish is that you, the young artists whose development I have had the pleasure of following during your Master’s studies, will affirm Live is Life in your artistic practice, not as an escape but as a necessary strategy. 

All together now: 

Then it’s life 
Live is life 
Live is life 
Live is life, when we all feel the power 
Live is life, come on stand up and dance 
Live is life, when the feeling of the people 
Live is life, is the feeling of the band, yeah 

When we all give the power 
We all give the best 
Every minute of an hour 
Don’t think about a rest 
Then you all get the power 
You all get the best 
And everyone gives everything and every song 

Everybody sings 

Then it’s life 
Live is life 
Live is life 
Live is life 
Live is life 

And you call when it’s over 
You call it should last 
Every minute of the future 
Is a memory of the past 
’Cause we all gave the power 
We all gave the best 

/ Annika Eriksson, Curator

Latest update: 2022-04-21