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Open tomorrow: 12–17
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Time Sunday 3 December, 2023 at 14:00 - 16:30
Place Bildmuseet

The short film Images of You (15 min) is a personal reflection on a colonial history and is shown in collaboration with Umeå European Film Festival. After the film, director Louise Hollerup speaks with museum curator Anders Jansson, curator of the exhibition Down North / Contemporary Art in the Arctic.
Location: Floor 0 (Flexhallen)

Images of You (15 min)
Sweden, 2022
Director: Louise Hollerup
Language: Danish with Swedish subtitles

Can you talk to your grandmother about colonialism? How do you preserve the image of someone you love when society changes? Through her grandmother’s slides, Louise Hollerup tries to understand Denmark’s colonisation of Greenland. Her grandparents moved to Nuuk in the 1960s with dreams of adventure and good salaries as teachers. The images show children and beautiful natural scenery. But Louise sees another story outside the confines of her family archives. 

The Czech film The Visitors (85 min) is about the dream of building a new life above the Arctic Circle and is shown in collaboration with the Umeå European Film Festival. The film was chosen in view of its thematic connection to the major exhibition Down North/Contemporary Art in the Arctic.
Location: Floor 0 (Flexhallen)

The Visitors (85 min)
Czech Republic, 2022  
Director: Veronika Lišková  
Language: Czech with English subtitles

An anthropologist moves with her family to Svalbard, Norway to study how life above the Arctic Circle is being transformed by climate change, tourism, immigration, and commerce. She is seduced by the beauty of the place and feels that she and her family have finally found their home in the world. But she soon begins to see other sides of the community and feels more and more like an outsider. Is her own presence a threat to the Svalbard that she came there to study? Who actually has the right to a place where everyone is an immigrant? The Visitors is a spectacularly beautiful film and an unusual portrait of migration.

Organizer: Bildmuseet
Event type: Film