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Performance: Ett tvinnat tillstånd

Time Saturday 28 October, 2023 at 14:00 - 15:00
Place bildmuseet

Performance: Ett tvinnat tillstånd

A performance by dancer Linn Lindström and musician Gusten Aldenklint.

Floor 5 in the exhibition Down North.

Ett tvinnat tillstånd is a cross-art performance where modular synths in a surround system meet dance and create an intimate and enveloping experience. Movement and sound are controlled here by the properties of elementary particles and our four fundamental forces – strong interaction, weak interaction, electromagnetism, and gravity. Information is stacked and shaped like different layers that sometimes give rise to truly entangled states. Together, we make our way in and out of different dimensions – interweaving, cloning, and breaking down existence. The work invites us to take a step back, stop, and view the life that is constantly around us. To explore and discover in unexpected places.

Linn Lindström (b. 1987, Piteå) s a dancer and choreographer born in Piteå and based in Norrbotten and Stockholm. She received her training at Balettakademien’s Professional Dancers Education in Stockholm from 2017 to 2020 and has, following her graduation, been freelancing in various projects in Sweden and Germany. For her, life and creation are part of a constant circular exchange. Playfulness and clear inner images are starting points for translating thought into movement. She also likes to find herself in cross-artistic collaborations. In such contexts, she asks herself how the participants can create environments for each other where space is given to achieve the full potential of the moment.

Gusten Aldenklint (b. 1988, Stockholm) is an electronic musician and composer working in Gothenburg. He works with modular synths as his main instrument and has recently delved into speaker orchestras and multi-channel music. He appears with Anna von Hausswolff’s band, the norm-critical ensemble Elefantöra, or solo. Aldenklint is also active on the board of Levande Musik and writes music for experimental performing arts and concerts.

Organizer: Bildmuseet
Event type: Performance