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Current Schools Programme

Interactive play in the exhibition
Swedish Picture Book of the Year / Come Day, Come Night
29 March – 11 June 2021

What is that buzzing and flapping? How does it feel when a dragonfly lands in your hand? In a digital experience and interactive play, we explore the fantastic world of the picture book with all our senses. Using movement, touch, hearing and vision, this digital visit to the exhibition will deepen the experience of the story’s plot. Each group that books a school visit for this programme will receive a copy of the picture book. This will enable you to familiarise yourselves with the content together. After the visit, you can continue working with the theme through the suggestions for creative tasks and conversation themes that we will share. The school programme can also be adapted to comprise solely a digital tour of the exhibition.

Bildmuseet’s recurring exhibition Swedish Picture Book of the Year is presented each spring in connection with the picture book prize “Snöbollen” [The Snowball] being awarded during Littfest – Umeå International Literature Festival, to draw attention to the picture book as an art form. This year, author Åsa Lind and illustrator Emma Virke received the prize for their book Come Day, Come Night.